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Saturday 27th July 2019

July 28, 2019

Hello lovely people!

This is raspberries blended into soya yogurt. And then with milled Chia seeds on top. My apologies that it’s blurry!
After I had tipped a load of chia onto my breakfast, I noticed that on the back of the packet it said “Don’t eat more than 15g of chia per day” and I didn’t know why OR how many grams of chia there were, so I tried to skim some off, which is why it looks messy.
I am still alive.
This is Quorn chilli with a load of veg and with Polenta chips and a bit of mayo.  Polenta is fine cornmeal, and turning it from powdery stuff in a packet to the form you can see below takes some time that I won’t be getting back.


Desperate for something sweet, I had a banana.  I did not take a photograph of the banana – it was shy.
I stopped counting calories because I found I was eating more when I did that. I might replace them with a report on how much exercise I’m doing… when I do some!

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