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12th April 2018

April 12, 2018


Soya yogurt, almonds, small orange thing that’s likely either a satsuma or a tangerine… someone at work gave it to me so I’m not sure
Wholemeal bread roll with yeast extract and dairy-free spread, lettuce, corn, green beans, kidney beans, carrots, spring onion – dressed with lemon juice and oil
Teriyaki salmon, rice noodles and some broccoli, carrots, onions, garlic.  I only ate one of these bowls, the other was for the lovely husband.  I am surprised that the calories for this are so low whereas the calories for the meal I had at lunch are so high
Taste comparison between and Oreo cookie and a Bourbon biscuit.  Both have the same idea going on i.e. creamy stuff between layers of crumbly cookie stuff.  The Bourbon is more creamy but has less taste.  US cookie 1: UK cookie NIL
Wholemeal roll with tomato tofu pâté filling – too tired to take a photo and upload it – 259 calories
Total for the day = 1,213

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