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Changing Gloom

March 12, 2013

Being in process of changing body size, I don’t have much to wear (most things I own are either too big or too small) so I’ve been picking the odd clothing item up from charity shops and other cheap shops in a bid to keep me at least decently covered.

There now follows a rant about changing rooms so please stop reading now if you want to skip it!

You would think, wouldn’t you, that shops would want people to see how great they look in clothes therefore buy them. You would think that. Why then, are the changing rooms so horribly lit? Why do I look in a changing room mirror and see a witch on top of a potato sack? Why do I look all out of proportion in those mirrors? And, most importantly, why have I suddenly aged 10 years? – 10 years that disappear completely when I look at myself, wearing the same clothes, in a bathroom mirror. (I look fantastic in bathroom mirrors and this is usually why I spend so long in there. Sorry)

Latest outfit is blue TK Maxx trousers (in the changing room they were like the bottom half of badly fitting overalls, at home and out and about I’m at least catalogue-worthy in them) and a jumper that I bought from a charity shop just for extra warmth today and which looks great full stop – probably because I decided to just check it fitted but not to look at myself wearing it until I was safely in a bathroom.

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