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Success and beyond

December 9, 2012

I’m rapidly nearing the weight goal set for me by my GP back in 2010 and working out what to do when I hit it.  Concerns of an aesthetic nature aren’t going to get a look in – the reason for retraining my eating has been to do with health and should remain so.  One of the primary annoyances of being larger, for me, was that my stomach squashed my lungs hence worse asthma.  The picture below where I compare, with a tape measure, where my waist used to be and where it is now, should illustrate better than me just telling you that I’ve got more breathing room.  (Yes, those are Christmas cards behind me – we were putting glitter on them last night and they’re laid out to dry.)


Weight Watchers people have acknowledged one goal that I’ve reached since I started with them and have set me another that’s still higher than what I ‘should’ weigh according to BMI charts but guess what?  It looks like exactly the weight my body has most often settled at when I haven’t been dieting or overeating.  I think it represents a good point at which to exit and stop attending those meetings where I step on scales.  Probably also a good point at which to put the scales in the cupboard.

Some colleagues and myself are embarking on a health challenge for January 2013.  NHS has these guidelines that one should eat 5 fruit and veg per day and do 5 sessions of 30 minutes of exercise per week – well, a few of us are going to do just that.  I love the idea because it’s positive, it’s about doing rather than depriving and because, rather than a sponsored weight loss (which colleagues where I used to work tried to do) I don’t think it’s something that will do harm.   It still is a sponsored something, because we’ll be asking for donations to the British Lung Foundation so if you have a few quid to spare then please do donate here <-page only set up in a very basic way, I need to work with my 5 and 5 buddies to add more to itUsing this particular donation site because apparently the more famous charity donation site takes some of the money for itself!

Or… JOIN US! It would be great to have more people doing this so, those of you who know me or are seeing this via LiveJournal, Facebook or Twitter, drop me a message if you’d like to do it too.
I’ll be blogging, probably on a separate blog that I link to from the site, about how it’s going.

Sunday smiles to all reading this x

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