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November Snapshot

November 18, 2012

Since starting this blog with the aim of losing about 5 kilos, I lost some then managed to put on more!  The highest I’ve weighed has been 80 kilos.  This is me this week at 72 kilos – a product of exercising and eating healthily.  My asthma is better than it has been for a while and I don’t miss getting indigestion from overeating.  I don’t think I look dramatically different but a difference in my appearance has been commented on by people who know me.

The next step is just keeping going.  I’m still 2 kilos off the goal weight my GP set me back in April 2011 but confident I’ll get there by just keeping doing what I’m doing.  I am continuing to follow Weight Watchers with the difference that I go to get weighed every weekend and this has taken the pressure off me worrying about my weight and jumping on the scales every day.  When I get to 70 kilos and when I’ve maintained that lower weight long enough for me to be sure my body is happy with it, that I’m eating enough not to get hungry and not so much I feel bloated, I’ll stop being a Weight Watcher and work on keeping up the healthy habits.

Looking to be more physically fit and remain well and able for as long as I conceivably can.  My life’s taken some interesting turns since I started this blog and I’m proud to say that I’m less vain about my appearance now and hence, ironically(?), less worried about what people think of how I look.  I’m also calmer and happier, which is a work in progress and sorting out whatever remains to be sorted of what my priorities are in life and what I want to be doing.

Someone once told me that I want other people to think I am a good person.  All I can say is that I am a human like the rest of you and you are welcome to think what you like.  I don’t need everyone to like me but having a few people I’m close to is a blessing.

What on earth am I on about?  This isn’t an Oscar’s acceptance speech.  Sorry, but between this paragraph and the last one my darling partner showed me a YouTube video of some dogs playing the piano – I guess that brought me down to earth a bit 🙂

ETA: The weight I’m ‘supposed’ to be according to BMI charts is about 10 kilos less than I currently am. This is not, however, a goal, it’s more of a joke  and isn’t likely to occur within the realms of good health 😉

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