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Making a start on the Spring cleaning

March 23, 2012

When you go visit someone’s house and you’re in the kitchen for more than a minute, do any of you get tempted to have a look in their kitchen cupboards to see what kind of food they have?  It’s like the game you can play at the supermarket when you’re in a queue at the till and you’re bored – “Would I like to have dinner at their house?” except it all seems a bit less intrusive because these people whose cupboards you’re looking in are your friends, right?  Surely they won’t mind.

I now invite you to play that game ONLINE!  I’ve taken a photo of our kitchen cupboard and listed everything in there – aside from baking stuff (flour etc.) which has its own section in the cupboard where the pans are and oils, herbs and spices which are on the counter (usually alphabetically).  I needed to clear the cupboard as I could see spaces but nothing would fit in also I had no idea what was in there or whether all of it was in date.  I totally recommend the exercise of taking everything out, categorising it and then putting it back in.  A load of ideas for meals may come to you instantaneously and you might start inviting folk round for dinner just so you can show off/use stuff up.

An additional extra in our cupboard is the healthy eating stickers.  These are the kind of stickers you give to kids for good behaviour and they sell them in huge packs in Tesco.  You’ll notice from the photo below that they’re on a few things – basically anything that is low or medium in sugar, fat and salt.  Anything without a sticker gets used in moderation.  All of this is going to be really helpful when I stop using Weight Watchers, which I’m not going to let warp my brain no matter what concerns you may have – honest!

So here’s what was in the cupboard – items in bold have a healthy sticker 🙂 – Items in italic had no nutrition info on so I couldn’t work out whether to sticker them

Tins of stuff: lychees, pineapple, tuna steak, mackerel, coconut milk, Thai veggie red curry, mustard powder

Jars of stuff: tomato & chargrilled veg pasta sauce, tomato & roasted garlic pasta sauce, tomato pizza topping, Marmite, jar of assorted stock cubes

Bottles of stuff: ketchup, HP sauce, Teriyaki sauce, Bragg Liquid Aminos (spray-on soy sauce without added salt – ignore the crazies who make it, it tastes nice), extra-hot chilli sauce, sesame oil, black bean cooking sauce, rice wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, Sarsons vinegar, tahini, salad cream, garlic & chilli dipping oil, Tamari soy sauce, truffle oil, furikake seasoning,

Sachets of stuff: Blue Dragon stir-fry sauces – Spicy Szechuan tomato, Chow Mein, Black Bean, Sweet Chilli & Garlic (these were all on offer),

Packs/packets/cartons of stuff: herb salt, regular salt, grated sprinkly cheese for pasta (made from cow milk), pretend grated sprinkly cheese for pasta (made from vegan-ness), Panko breadcrumbs, croutons, sun dried tomatoes, vegan bouillon powder (which is what I use as stock most of the time), egg noodles, organic pumpkin ginger and rice noodles, buckwheat noodles, brown rice, basmati rice (regular and wholegrain), quinoa, arborio risotto rice, bulghur wheat, Moroccan couscous, wholewheat noodles, bay leaves, sage & onion stuffing mix, yeast flakes with added vitamin B12, wholewheat fusilli, wholewheat spaghetti, brown rice penne, spinach and tomato fusilli, cornflour, porridge oats, potato starch, red kidney beans, chick peas, chopped tomatoes, Granose sausage mix, Granose burger mix

There’s food in the fridge and the freezer too, also another cupboard with veg in it that doesn’t like the fridge.  So, are you coming round to dinner and, if so, what would you like me to make?


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