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Souper Douper

March 10, 2012

Every time I go shopping I look at the soups, pick up a can or a carton of one, read the label and then put it back because it’s got dairy in it; then a voice in my head says “You know you could make a dairy-free version yourself like at home in your kitchen”.  When I get to the biscuit aisle the voice says “You’re on your own, mate” because it REMEMBERS the chocolate cookies that were stiff and salty being dunked into tea in desperation by biscuit recipients while they tried to maintain a smile.  Soup, however – no probs.

Red Pepper, Tomato and Basil Soup
Half of this soup = 2 WW points, One Third of this soup = 1 WW point

  • 6 Red Peppers
  • 4 large-ish tomatoes
  • Lots of garlic
  • Half a courgette, peeled with a peeler to remove green skin
  • Basil leaves
  • 2 tsp oil (I used rapeseed because it was nearest but olive or sunflower would do)
  • 1 cup stock
  • Squirt of agave nectar
  1. Wash and halve the peppers and remove the seeds, wrap in foil along with cloves of garlic
  2. Stick in hot oven for half an hour
  3. Fry tomatoes and courgette in the oil – tomatoes are mega-watery and so you shouldn’t need more oil
  4. Add peppers, garlic and stock
  5. Simmer for a bit
  6. Blend with a hand blender or stick whole lot in a food processor
  7. Push most of the mixture through a sieve so that the soup is mostly liquid but has some fibrous bits left (you will be left with some pulpy stuff which you can compost or chuck in bin)
  8. Add agave nectar to taste
  9. Wash and shred basil leaves and chuck them in

When I get bored of writing about healthy eating on here, I plan to use this site for recipes.  Please do not, therefore, count on me going away anytime soon 😀


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  1. At the risk of being a bit helpy, this is a lovely biccie recipe that you can adapt. Use vegan marg and oat or almond milk as subs and I reckon you would be fine!

    They do dunk, I checked. Can’t have you deprived of biccies!

    • Nice biccies and nice blog. Thank you 🙂
      I like the idea of being self-sufficient cookery-wise (aside from the fact that sourcing ingredients involves Tesco etc) and will definitely have a go at these.

      I’ve researched the word ‘helpy’ and can confidently say that everyone I’ve ever seen using it in the context you have has no need to worry about being it. Advice is great and is generally welcomed here 😀

  2. I make tomato soup with passata. And carrot or veg soup with lots of veg, roasted, then cooked with stock cubes and water and liquidised.

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