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Too Weak Sin

February 19, 2012

My second Weight Watchers weigh-in revealed zero weight loss (although a bit has come off my waist, which is probably due to exercise).  I think I may have found the flaw in just counting WW points – it’s not just about the points, it’s also about the healthy.  Last week I brought some junk food back into my diet, dutifully counting points nevertheless.  I went over my points for the day and went into my weekly ‘spare’ points.  I also counted points from exercise that I’d ‘earned’.  Hmmmm.

The plan this week is to keep going with WW but also incorporate all the other stuff I’ve researched about healthy eating.
Eat slowly and only when hungry and stop when full.  Eat a load of fresh fruit and veg.  Cook from scratch.  Have good carbs.

Also I’ve given up on low calorie jelly – it quite honestly tastes disgusting and, while I’m enjoying using WW software I don’t like the idea of regularly buying and consuming diet products – one look at the label and you can see they’re packed with weird chemicals.  Yes, I know, probably all of those weird chemicals are entirely safe to consume, but they taste like weird chemicals and I want to be eating the good stuff.

Today I bought pickled walnuts, some vegi deli slices, lettuce that’s growing in its own little plastic tub that you keep on the windowsill (it was a quid, mate) and actual proper real jelly with sugar in as a treat.  It’s made by the same company that makes the low calorie kind and, for those for whom such information is essential, it’s gelling agents are locust bean gum, xanathan gum and gellan gum (from carob, fermented sugar and bacteria respectively – yummy!).  For those of you Weight Watching, it’s 3 points a pot as opposed to zero but it tastes fricking awesome!

Right, back to the kitchen 🙂


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