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WWell Done So Far

February 12, 2012

According to WW law, one day per week is weigh-day.  I chose Sunday because it had asked me “Is Sunday OK for your weigh-day?” and just saying ‘yes’ was the least effort.  I got on the scales today and found that I have indeed lost some weight – since Wednesday I lost an entire 0.7 kilos.  I know, stunning.

So what’s this WW thing all about and how does it work?

Here’s a little something I wrote earlier….



What this WW thing is all about and how it works
Instead of counting calories or carbs or any other units that we are familiar with in the real world, someone on a Weight Watchers diet counts ‘points’.  All food has a points value, which the website either knows or can calculate for you if you tell it how many grams of protein, carbs, fat and fibre a food has.  Dieting persons are allocated a different number of points worth of food they are allowed to eat each day; this is worked out behind the scenes using some equation like height multiplied by weight divided by X to the power of whim where X is how heavy you actually want to be.

There’s a ‘Points Tracker’ where you type in what you’ve eaten (shown below) and a recipe builder where you can type in your ingredients as you cook and the site tells you how many points per serving of your meal.  Please do ask in comments if you’d like to see any of this in more detail and I will include more screenshots.

As you can see, some things have no points at all, like most fruit and veg, but it’s a good idea to aim to use all or at least most of your points up so that you get protein and carbs and all the other things you need.  I had 3 left at the end of the day on Thursday as you can see above, 1 left at the end of Wednesday and still had 2 left on Friday but that’s near enough.  There’s also a stash of weekly available points (49, same for everyone) which you can dip into if you go over your points allocation for the day.  Some things I don’t tend to eat but checked to see how many points they were out of curiosity – if I ate a Beefeaters Dessert Chocolate Fudge Cake then I would have used up all of my points for the day, same with pizza.

You might see if you glance back up to the picture to where it says Track Healthy Checker that you get to track how much water you’ve drunk also how much fruit and veg, milk and dairy and healthy oils (they mean like olive oil).  I’m unable to track any dairy because I don’t eat any dairy but I’m aiming for filling enough bars to earn a smiley face for each of the other categories.  Liquids is being the trickiest one because I usually don’t drink a lot of anything never mind water.  If I can get a smiley per day here (and then keep it up afterwards) then this will perhaps be the most major and productive change of the whole exercise.

How easy is it to follow?
For the first few days it’s a pain in the butt to keep weighing stuff and typing it in.  After that I got used to it.  One is also meant to type in exercise one has done and ones points get recalculated to allow more food but I have not bothered doing that, figuring typing in the food points is work enough.
If you eat healthy stuff then you’re likely to feel full on WW and not feel deprived.  If you eat food with mega-high points like pizza and chocolate cake and try to make the rest of your intake up with fruit and veg with a zero value then you may do OK, I don’t know,  but I suspect it wouldn’t be much fun.

What does a day’s menu look like? (BTW notice how I’m asking questions that you didn’t necessarily want the answers to on your behalf)
A day’s food could look many different ways but here’s what I ate today (Saturday 11th February – Happy Birthday to S, B and F collectively):

Breakfast: Corn thins with peanut butter and a banana
Lunch: Home made roast red pepper soup and a soya cheese sandwich with lettuce and mayonnaise* in it
Dinner: Cauldron veggie sausages in agave nectar and mustard sauce with potato and celeriac mash (mashed with truffle oil),  served with steamed carrots and green beans
Dessert: Low cal jelly and 1 square of 70% cocoa chocolate

*ordinary mayonnaise, in a measured quantity because low fat mayonnaise can sod off

I think the amount you get to eat is plenty, especially if you include your 5-a-day.   I’m nowhere near hungry and am even thinking of reducing my points allowance some as I seem not to be using them all up.
I’m signed up for another 3 weeks and 2 months.  If I get fed up with doing it before the end of that time then I’ll pass the username and password to someone else who wants to use it for the remaining time (with the rider that this would have to be someone I know and trust not to misuse my account).  However, if it goes well then I’ll stick with it – there is a follow-on system within WW where you keep counting points in order to maintain your weight at wherever it is OR you can stop counting points and start tracking your food just according to how healthy it is (I haven’t explored this option yet).  When it comes to it, my decision will probably be “Do I still need or want to keep on paying about a tenner a month to use this thing?” and that will be the deciding factor.

How to entitle this post

If I’ve lost up to 1 kilo since Wednesday “WWell done so far”
If I’ve lost >1 but <2 kilos “One more W and I’ll be wrestling you to the ground”
If I’ve lost >2 kilos “Quick, send cake! I’ve overdone it!”

ETA 1: If you’re curious about how many points you’d be allowed per day (I think to maintain your current weight) then you can use this online tool.  There’s another one here which will work out how many points there are in various foods according to how much of what various stuff the food contains.

ETA 2: Colleague K told me don’t buy the Weight Watchers branded food because it’s a pile of pants.


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  1. Trish, I lost 3.5 stones about 7 years ago on Slimming World and then stopped and gained some back. Then the rest to total almost 8 stones with WW. I stayed at gold for 2 years, came back from Spain where the WW group met in a cafe on the beach and hot sun made it easier, and a broken arm and cancer op as well as Xmas with the family made me gain. I thought I’d wait until I could weigh in free again and 1.5 stones later began to pay. I am back down to gold since June.

    I’ve done 3 versions of WW as they change it all now and then, probably to sell new books etc :). But it works and is healthy. At first they assured me I didn’t need to exercise to lose, sticking to points was enough. As you get nearer goal it is harder to lose so you go for the exercise and anyway I need to do it for bone density and the arthritis, to keep the mobility I still have.

    The diet is more or less what is recommended for arthritics and those trying not to get cancer back. They run little courses after you have operations to reassure you and suggest best tactics for survival.. And do you know, it eventually meant I changed how I eat and live. I am still trying to be ‘normal’ when eating out and with friends and not obsess, but by and large I enjoy what I eat and eat things I like, while not being hungry.. I stuff myself with salads and extra veg but things I really love, bread and jam for instance, are in there. I have 4 slices of bread a day.

    If you stop doing it it will be a shame as it really works for many people. One thing, I think the meetings are useful as other people give tips on how to substitute things so you can enjoy food but with fewer points. The eating out guide is good. I can’t see the useful website bits as haven’t paid since June. I spend some of what I save on the expensive gym with very nice pool and sauna.

    I track points daily. I plan how I will eat but only track things with points. Grapes and slices of banana are nice frozen and make good snacks. 0pps. 0.7 kilos a week is exactly right as it is apparently better to lose slowly. It stays off. The body adjusts. Skinny Cow make 3 kinds of ice cream lollies 2pps that are nice and WW make small tubs of ice cream that are 2pps. I have a sweet tooth and like puds. All the best with the diet. You were already eating healthily so it should go well. xx

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