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WW and WMD (weapons of mass delish)

February 7, 2012

A drug rep visiting my workplace noticed that I’ve lost a bit of weight –  this spurs me on to keep going and try harder.  It was not “OMG you’ve lost SO MUCH weight, well done” but more a gentle acknowledgement that there’s a little bit less of me.  And I found I was fine with my very minor weight loss so far being thus acknowledged.  Onwards and inwards.


I have 2 plans.  One is to adjust my apparent size by making everybody else bigger than they were previously by feeding them chocolate refrigerator cake (just made, and shown below).   The other is to join Weightwatchers.  A friend of mine is doing WW online and he is doing really well so why not.  I have the creativity and the determination, what I lack is discipline (in most things, actually) so why not do something structured and see how it goes?  I will continue to make most of my own food from scratch and have been reassured by said friend that there’s even a recipe planner where you can write in all your ingredients.  Cooooool.  And if I find it doesn’t work for me after a bit?  I’ll stop doing it and do different things.

I said I’d join in the morning but there’s no time like the present and I have other things planned for tomorrow morning.  Let’s see how easy it is to join…

  1. Open up a browser and type WeightWatchers into Google
  2. Discover it’s 2 words, start typing “Weight Watchers” from now on
  3. Click on link – be annoyed at images of young ladies in garish clothes, mainly because of the garish lipstick 2 of them are wearing
  4. Sign up for FREE (when you buy the 3 month plan) – click!
  5. Enter some data to personalise your account
  6. Work out your height in metres even though you know it in centimeters (159cm is 1.59m right?)
  7. Enter when your birthday is (I hope they send me a card, since they’ve asked that)
  8. Answer whether you’re pregnant or not and whether you’re anorexic or bulimic (no and no) then click CONTINUE
  9. Choose a username, password and security question
  10. Enter payment information
  11. Pretend to read terms and conditions
  12. Click submit (or whatever it was it said)

Right, I now have interesting ‘personalise your plan’ things to do before I go to bed.
I leave you with chocolate cake.  Those of you I’ll be seeing over the next few days, please expect to be offered some. 🙂

The Cake of Ultimate Power


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  1. Julie Chong permalink

    Mmmm….yummy yummy ! Thanks Trish 🙂

  2. aileen permalink

    It was gorges what a lovely cake mmm thank u for another
    r perfect cake

  3. Poonam Ahuja permalink

    This is defo the ‘death by chocolate cake’ or what Trish wants ‘fat by chocolate cake’ lol..but i still couldn’t help myself, had the cake for breakfast, lunch and then tea 🙂 the most delicious cake ever! absolutely gorgeous….i think your plan is working Trish!

  4. Toby Fairs-Billam permalink

    That was sooooooooooooo tasty! You have my permission to serve us that up any time you like – Many thanks

  5. Pen permalink

    hmmm! I should have married you off sooner.
    some calories are just worth it *smie*

  6. mary permalink

    yum yum yum for my tum tum tummy!!! loved it

  7. Maniam Mniam!
    apart from small size everything else was perfect 😉 Please keep testing your baking skills on us 😉


  8. Please note that minimal force was used to get the above people to say the above things

  9. Simon permalink

    Very delicious cake. Thanks Trish 🙂

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