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Just a Quickie

February 2, 2012

Last time I posted I was doing well with exercising but not so well with healthy eating.  This time I’m doing fantastically well with healthy eating (and noticing resulting weight loss and feeling healthier) but really badly with exercising.

I could do with hearing motivating things from people who exercise regularly.  Tell me how good it feels!  Tell me what motivates you to do it.  Or just any general ‘Get on with it, Trish’ or other motivational messages would be amazingly helpful.  Please feel to leave messages in comments below or via whatever blogtastic medium I used to link to this post.

Your Trish needs you and will be lovely at you in return.


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  1. I’ve not been posting much about exercise lately, but I’ve actually been doing quite a bit of it still. It’s reached that point where it’s largely habitual now, although sad to say still not something I particularly look forward to. It’s nice getting stronger though, useful in all sorts of situations. Okay, useful in bed and related situations. 🙂

    Mostly now I think I’m in competition with myself, to improve on my own achievements semi-regularly. That’s quite motivating, and Fitocracy helps with tracking it and keeping that motivation up.

    • Cheers D!
      Ok, I want any relatives and colleagues reading this to look away now and keep looking away… oh yeah, also the neighbours – you’re done here. I’ll post again soon.

      More body flexibility would be really handy in bed and related situations. Getting my legs to be able to go back behind my head again would be a reward in itself (don’t say I didn’t warn you).

      I had a look at Fitocracy and wanted to ask you what the range of available exercises are on it. Not sure if WordPress notifies you of replies to your comment so I may try to catch you elsewhere also to ask you


      • It does if you ask it to – I usually do.

        Flexibility isn’t something I had worried about before I started lifting weights – I knew mine was poor but wasn’t really bothered – but it’s actually starting to be a problem for the weightlifting now, which is frustrating. Helen is currently living at my place and doing yoga weekly, I’m very seriously considering joining her at her classes for a while and seeing if that helps.

        The range of exercises on Fitocracy is huge, although very much weights/gym oriented. They’re expanding it fast with other stuff though, and it certainly covers a lot of ground. Including about a dozen different styles of yoga. 🙂

  2. I belong to an expensive gym, David Lloyd at Bushy. To justify this I have to go every day, but it feels nice there and good habits can be formed as well as bad ones..Will power is a muscle that gets stronger if you exercise it.

    I missed Wednesday because I had a tooth out on Tuesday but went Thursday and just swam and today did the gym session too. They update you every month if you want them to. They have various machines with a place to plug in headphones on most and you can then watch tv and hear too.]

    I always hated gym at school but it is not so bad with tv. I like swimming as it doesn’t hurt and the water is warmer than public pools. The arthritic achey bits feel better after the pool and then there is a sauna and spa bath if I have time.

    As we also have 2 dogs who need a walk of at least half an hour morning and afternoon and a quickie at night I do have to get exercise. I had a bone density check again yesterday and the nurse said walking and swimming are very good. My hips are in the danger zone but my back is not. They don’t check anything else.

    Many females will have those problems and smoking/booze/HRT/the pill and other stuff as well as wrong diet can make it more likely.

    • I like the idea of willpower being like a muscle that can get stronger 🙂

      Re bone density: I don’t smoke or drink, not on the pill and not yet facing the decision whether to use HRT. Glad you’ve found exercise that is helpful for you and makes you feel better x

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