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I’m just a Beckham

January 23, 2012

If you get invited for a respiratory assessment and you have any sort of lung problem, expect discomfort.  I was going to say ‘torture’ but that’s a bit too strong.  Lung function testing is not for wimps and although I had my moral support person with me (who has excellent lungs BTW), I wasn’t able to hand tubes and monitors to him and get him to do the tests on my behalf.  Those of you who read this blog yesterday will know I was concerned about whether I had COPD versus badly-managed asthma.  The good news is they quite emphatically don’t think I have COPD so whoop! Joy! How fantastic etc.

The less good news…


My asthma is badly managed.  I now have an asthma-management plan and it’s PICTORIAL as well (actually that bit is good news, I think I was in need of one).  According to my new chart thing, I should have called an ambulance last Thursday night as my peak flow was 200, but I got it under control with help from NHS Direct and that involved a lot less drama-llama so yay.

In addition to my asthma being badly managed, my lung capacity is low.  I have a 66% something or other when it should be higher.  Exercise will increase it and losing weight will let up pressure on my diaphragm.  Breathing exercises were suggested but they’d be with someone I occasionally work alongside and who is also just a bit too cute so it would feel weird and unwise, that coupled with my hatred of doing breathing exercises meant I said no and asked for other options with other members of hospital staff.  There may be something else with a someone else, I’ll find out at some point.  I was asked if I would consider yoga and informed them I’m allergic (I am violently allergic to yoga – I can do Pilates as a substitute).

Much praise to the service at Charing Cross!  And I intend (apart from all the things I’m currently refusing to do) to be a model outpatient.  Extra caution with the eating today – it’ll be easier to stick to now I know that overfilling my stomach is actually reducing my lung capacity.  Exercise will also be kept up with, already started and will be continued.   I have to take my peak flow 3 times a day for 2 weeks and then post the results to the hospital; alarms have been set on phone to remind me.

Tomorrow is a work trip to Hampton Court, which I’m looking forward to.  I’ve printed off a map of the maze from the internet and will take it with me in case any part of Team Development Afternoon involves going in the blasted thing.  🙂

(The Beckham reference is because he has asthma, for those of you I’ve not already told. )

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