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Getting Used to the Alien in the Living Room

January 22, 2012

According to the healthy eating plan I’m following, I shouldn’t be ditching all forms of dairy entirely until March, but my asthma took a fairly big dip so I’ve brought things forward.  Drinking loads of water, making concerted effort not to overeat or undereat and filling up with fruit and veg so I get vitamins a go-go.  I have also gotten used to regular inhaler use, involving training my brain to recognise that post-ventolin my rapid heartbeat and shaking hands are chemically induced and it’s fine to just drop off to sleep.

What’s stranger is getting used to the large, alien thing that has taken up residence in the living room.  Not something purchased by me or entirely my idea, but I’m benefiting from its presence.  It’s a TV.  My preferred mode for it is turned off.  But having it here does mean I can do workout videos and stuff.  I made a good start yesterday and today, although being gradual till my lungs are functioning better.   Bit of dancing game on console and then invisible bat table tennis against the computer (I won, although avatar opponent was a bit of a hustler and pretended to be really rubbish at it until halfway through.  It’s not often I yell “You Bitch!” when I’m alone in a room)



I’m not snobby about not having wanted to have a TV – I don’t think it makes anyone a better person to not have one.  Just I’d like to remain in charge of it rather than have it ever be in charge of me.   Things other than being sat mindlessly in front of the TV and wondering what’s on will always be preferable – my significant other suggests doing a jigsaw puzzle in front of it to show it its place.

Intend to work out most days now to get my fitness level up.   We  have been invited to a mashup disco experience thing in April and I want to spend the entire evening on the dance floor (or at least only sit out songs that are dire).

Also, I have an appointment with the Pulmonary team at the hospital to get my lung function checked out tomorrow.  I know my lung capacity is rubbish, but will be useful to see just how bad and what the outlook is.   I gave up smoking 10 years ago on 29th January and it would be a real bummer to find out just before that anniversary that I had COPD.  Is probably just I need to keep on top of the asthma a bit better, but still best to find out.

Videos of me doing stupid dancing game as soon as I get a tiny bit better at it.  Promise x

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