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Completely Crackers

January 14, 2012

The only way to upload videos onto this thing seems to be to go Pro, which is an extravagance that is a bit beyond me.  However, short videos can be uploaded to YouTube for FREE and then I can link to the URL from here.   Having had some totally one-sided conversations (i.e. me watching and listening during lonesome hours) with this lady here who has the BEST accent and who isn’t bothered one bit about burping on camera, I’d like to link to some bits of video for this blog.  I think the first video would have to be a demonstration of the correct thing to do with that bag of prawn crackers you don’t want but always get sent or given with takeaways.  It could double as a healthy eating and stress relief video.

Healthy eating – because almost anything else you eat that isn’t the prawn crackers will probably be healthier

Stress relieving – because if what you do is open a tiny hole in the bag to let air out and then hold the bag and, very gradually, scrunch up the prawn crackers into tiny bits then your tension will just float away.   Bubble wrap was never this fun.  Also, you’ll be helping other people, because if you do this they won’t be able to eat the prawn crackers either.

There is one exception, however, to this suggestion.  If you are in the company either of my friends, the fabulous B—– sisters, I believe the prawn crackers should be handed over to them without hesitation or struggle.

As for an actual update on January so far…

I’m doing terribly badly with the healthy eating (I’ve had takeaways enough times to create a prawn cracker destruction mechanism dammit).  Not as badly with the exercise.  I’ve been on the same guest list as Bob Geldof at a way swanky event (I wore a black dress with sparkles, my butt was like the whole of the night sky).  I’ve done a load of baking and some dancing and some living and some loving and a load of being happy.  Healthy eating however?  Trish Oak – Nul Points.

And this is the completely crackers bit right here: – I feel TONS better when I eat right.  I just have to stop being such a lazy moo and MAKE the healthy food my body is screaming for.


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  1. Having spent most of my teen years putting prawn crackers into small polythene bags, I still have absolutely no idea why anyone would like them. it’s deep fried polystyrene. THERE’S NOT EVEN ANY PRAWN IN THEM!

    • They vary in quality but yeah, usually yuk. Some supermarkets sell an equivalent ‘spicy’ cracker that’s probably not that much healthier but which tastes a lot nicer (as in actually as a taste) and is often vegetarian. I try to buy them when I notice them on sale because they’re useful to have around if cooking stir fries for guests. 🙂

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