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Connecting and Kinecting

January 8, 2012

So there’s this misconception that I’ve had (and perpetuated) about myself for years and it needs to stop.  I need to come clean.  I am actually competitive when it comes to any sports or physical activities that I can actually do.  I’ve said this thing about disliking competitive games but I realise I actually mean board games and …*spits*… team sports where due to being shortsighted and clumsy I will put any team I’m in at a great disadvantage.

Sports I am good at (FSVO)
– Hurdles (left-legged)
– Back garden over the washing line volleyball (using a rolled up sock)
– Various console sports games like volleyball and table tennis

I also like the dancey things like Dance Central and the one on the Wii.

I found myself doing more exercise today than I have done in months because I wanted to get points, to do well and dammit to WIN a little bit.  I would like to thank my friends L and N for inviting me round for dinner and for the opportunity to jump up and down a lot.  Also P and J, for being noble opponents.

Actual real table tennis with an actual table tennis table would be awesome.  I have to see if anywhere does it round here.


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