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The basil plant gets watered more often than I do

January 2, 2012

Has been a good day.  I made vaguely healthy food but got other people (had guests today, hello guests if reading) to eat it while I had very healthy food.  Then our little party disbanded and everyone apart from me went to the pub while I went to Westfield armed with gift vouchers.  I have to spend them on things or I won’t have anything to say when the people who gave me them ask what I spent them on.  And so I can remember what I spent them on, I’ll write it here.

Voucher 1: A handbag to take to an awards ceremony I’m due to be at in just over a week.

Voucher 2: I let the lady behind the Clinique stall in Boots feel my face up and sell me things.  I hope it made her day.  She pronounced my skin about as moist as the Sahara desert (well, she had a little device like an old fashioned thing for keeping snooker scores and she swung the moist-o-meter reading on it to ‘very, very dry’).  Figures.  I don’t drink enough water and my skincare routine involves washing my face in the shower.  She asked me how much I’m bothered by wrinkles and I answered quite honestly that I have them but I’m not bothered by them – wrinkles give a face character, they show you’ve expressed emotion.  A quick look in the mirror shows lines around my eyes from lots of smiling and lines on my forehead from being surprised.  There are frown lines but they’re not so prominent.

I have a glass of water in front of me.  A need to go to bed soon.  Also just quickly, I walked PAST Marmite crisps in the shop today and didn’t buy any.

You may now applaud, if you wish.



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