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OMG What a Year!

January 1, 2012

Firstly, Happy New Year!  I haven’t been writing in this blog because of being a long time under the influence of the Christmas Fairy and her mind control – as people who received individualised home-made cards from me can testify.  Now I’ve shaken off the shackles and the glitter, got drunk on an absurdly small quantity of very good champagne and had a text from a much loved friend who climbed a mountain to watch fireworks for New Year.  I texted back and told her she is hardcore.   We all have our mountains to climb in life, but there she is springing up real ones like spiderman/a mountain goat/um… a sexy person wearing full-on boots.  I dedicate this rambling and barely coherent New Year blog post to the Megastar – long may she reign.

So 2011 is over and done with and although it contained some wonderful things, thank goodness it’s done with.  What next?  Bed soonish as we have to be up at 8am to have another New Year celebration with relatives on the other side of the world.   Then the resolutions begin.  Exercising and healthy eating, various other things too.  Your supportive comments are always very welcome.

As a wise person (see first paragraph) once said, start with accepting who you are and what size you are and go from there.  Or it was something like that.  I can no more make myself a tiny elf than I can make myself Einstein or that woman who discovered DNA, but I can build on what I have and who I am and aim for being the best and happiest me.   I’m creative, caring, thoughtful, really quite dreadfully lazy sometimes and currently tipsy – that’s ok, it’s the season to be jolly; although this is what happens when you give up alcohol for months and then drink champagne because the last digit on the clock of an arbitrary numbering system of dates flips over to a new number.

Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind…

Warm thoughts to all reading x


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