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Do this. Don’t do that. Sit up straight.

January 1, 2012

Happy New Year (again).  Today is the day to start being resolute (or ignore the whole thing and carry on as you were).  Over the past year, I’ve read up on healthy eating and learned much.  A lot of it amounts to…


Exercise should be started gradually if one is not used to it, for which information I thank Mr A.L. of the pulmonary rehab group.  Today I have done a small amount of Pilates and am about to do a fairly large amount of housework.

Posture is also important when at the computer.  I thank Mr P.F. of this residence for pointing at the title of this post and advising a monitor riser.  I am now using a Family Health Encyclopedia that I no longer have other need of now that I have memorised the symptoms of appendicitis and been able to ascertain, on many occasions, that I am in need of Rennies rather than an ambulance.

Ready to start on this year and bring joy and fun to the efforts needed to achieve my healthy lifestyle goals.  If it’s not joyous and fun, how on earth will I keep it up?

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