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This is exactly what I ordered

December 10, 2011

Day 6

10:08: Forgot breakfast but then I’m not hungry.  Grabbed a pear and shoved it in my bag for grazing on before lunch, if I feel like it.  Jumped on the scales before leaving home this morning.  Ah, ok, slow steady weight loss, which is exactly what I ordered.  It’s not dramatic and it’s not exciting but there’s stability and reliability which count for much and mean I don’t actually need to worry about this stuff now.  I can work on other things.

11:48: Pears are messy!


Day 7

Dentist says I’ve done something to my jaw, which requires me to eat softer foods for a few days in order for it to get better.  “No nuts, no apples, no crunchy carrots!”.  For lunch I ate a wrap from Pret which I scanned the ingredients of to check for dairy but could not identify exactly what was in it at later time, since it wasn’t printed on the label.  I didn’t bother weighing myself today but might do so at the weekend just to check am going in vaguely the right direction, never mind how slowly.

Day 8

12:08: Wholemeal pittas are awesome.  This is breakfast.  I have to get into the habit of doing this earlier, which will first involve going to bed on time.  Just ’cause I start work at lunchtime on Thursdays is no excuse to go to bed at 2am.  Eating dinner at 10pm because I’d finished work at 7:30pm not a good idea either, and definitely contributed to late bedtime.  From now I’m going to try to be in bed by midnight and up by 8 (which is ages of time for sleeping, you need less as you get older).  Ideally the “bedtime police” (a jokey concept invented either by me or my SO) would actually exist and would turn up at one minute after bedtime armed with handcuffs and whatever that stuff is that’s put on hankies in films and used to knock people out.  They’d be reasonable but firm about it.  I’d have no choice but to comply.

Day 9
I’m writing this on Day 10 rather than Day 9.  Too busy yesterday.  But… at last I’m starting to see some change to the asthma situation.  The stop smoking group I ran on the evening of Day 8… last week I was getting short of breath doing so much talking, this week easy peasy, well somewhat easier peasier.   Yesterday giving a talk to pulmonary rehab group and that went fine too.  Discussed exercise and stuff with nurse person at end of session.  He said one has to start very gradually and gave tips – also is going to see if he can get me referred to their service.  Excellence.

I do have to keep up with the non-eating of processed food, though, if it is something that is being helpful.  This means the quorn sausages that are currently in the oven and which smell oh so nice are for someone else but not for me.   Health is so much more precious than how anything I eat may taste.  I have Dorset (no added bad things) cereal and goat yogurt.  By start of March, according to plan I’m following, the yogurt will be gone too.  Although…

Giving up dairy entirely seems like a huge leap and I’ll need to do some major research and thinking to see whether it’s a leap I should be making.  Cow dairy makes me wheeze, I have repeated evidence of that and so it’s absolutely right I shouldn’t have it, but sheep and goat milk products have honestly not caused me anything like the same level of problem and no problem at all that’s noticeable breathing-wise.  But there’s this whole thing of why do adult human beings even consume milk anyway, since for all other animals it’s a food for babies only.   Or have we evolved now or adapted now so that we do need it?   What’s in there that we might miss if it was absent?  How glad am I that I don’t have to start thinking about this properly till February? 🙂

The remainder of Day 10
Dorset cereal and yogurt is not enough calories to go shopping on, at least not for any length of time.  Cue meal out that was as healthy as I could possibly order.   Much walking done today!  Some of it very fast (in order to get past Hare Krishna people or, perhaps more importantly, all the people dressed as Santa hanging around the back of the line of Hare Krishna people and trying to hug them – turns out today was Santa flashmob day, never seen so many Santas riding Boris bikes).

No more room for food in me right now.  Aiming for earlier night and getting up tomorrow for breakfast.  Stay tuned…


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  1. This is really interesting – thanks for writing about it.
    I think I have a mental block about the idea of giving up dairy – some bit of me thinks I could never be truly happy without cheese and butter. Some other bit of me thinks that’s clearly bollocks, but the second bit is quieter.

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