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Days 3-5

December 3, 2011

Day 3: I haven’t eaten anything yet and it’s nearly 3pm
I blame the very late night 😉

Better go and sort it out now…

I’m normally anti-violence.  Normally.  However if any of you catch me saying anything out loud like “I suppose even cooking food makes it processed” or “I bet I could make my own muesli” PLEASE DO SLAP ME!


I shall endeavour to keep such thoughts inside my head and keep challenging them as they arise.  Oh the thin line between health-conscious and completely wacky.

End of Day 3: No processed food eaten.  Plenty of sleep had (including long lie in and middle of day nap).  Not missing HP sauce or crisps.. honest.  Had strawberries for dessert today.  Nice.  Got seed stuck between teeth and may have done damage getting it out, less nice.

Day 4: Getting full on less food for some reason and no cravings for junk food whatsoever.  I think using Taeriyaki sauce in my aubergine stir-fry with wholemeal noodles may have been cheating but at least I’m not putting HP sauce on everything.  I forewent Quorn sausages because, according to the internet, they are a processed food and are gastrotoxic, whatever that means.   Went for long walk today but could do with more structured exercising.  Health + health + health again for lunch tomorrow. 😀

Day 5: I’m noticing I’m leaving food when I’m most of the way through eating it because I’ve had enough.  Without the loading, layering and whatever-else-ing of food (as described by David A Kessler) – food is just food.
I’m seeing the dentist on Wednesday to check out what the hell’s gone on in my mouth (again)  – also called GP today as tooth pain getting annoying.  He rocks.  Wrote me a script for antibiotics which will be dealing with issue by time I get to see Dentist.  I told him about healthy eating hence strawberry accident – he told me he felt some guilt as he was currently eating a KitKat.  Trish eats healthier than own GP shocker.

Think I’m going to update 5 days or so at a time.  These posts are boring me – I dread to think how much they must be boring you 😉


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