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Day 2

December 2, 2011

So today, the day of bringing a load of stuff to work (see elsewhere for details) I forget to bring food.   Had seaweed salad from health food shop, a thing in wholemeal pastry and a banana.   Then the pie I made yesterday heated up for evening meal.

This evening, instead of snacking to induce calm and relieve stress, I started making Christmas cards instead.  Below are  first 2 as evidence.  And I found it to be very calming.  Clearing the floor of card-making paraphernalia will be less so, I expect.

So… sodium then.  I’m supposed to be reducing salt.  Furikake seasoning has no salt but it’s made with seaweed, which I discover today contains lots of sodium.  I’m hoping I’ll still get less just by not eating processed food and not adding salt – bit of seaweed here and there won’t hurt.

Ok, here are some Christmas cards.  Please email me with your address if you’d like one.  If you don’t know my email address then it’s a reasonable bet that I don’t know you and so you shouldn’t expect a card 🙂


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