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Day 1 so far

December 1, 2011

14:13: I’m updating this from work and having an unexpected few minutes to eat food.  I have a food container of health + health + health downstairs and I’m upstairs, halfway through eating it but have abandoned it temporarily.  This morning was oatcakes and something either with or specifically without yeast in it from a tube.  Oh, and seeds.  There’s an apple on the desk next to me and it’s trying to stare me down; if I look too long, a voice in my head says “You’re not actually going to eat that.  It’s destined to be apple pie or apple muffins.”  The only things I’m drinking are water and herb tea.  Ok, back to it, I’ll update again later.

22:40: Came home around 5 on a work errand and made a hummous and lettuce sandwich.  Then I ate carrots.  This evening I’ve picked at non-processed things (like almonds) and had a taste of the pie I was making (salmon and cauliflower, these being 2 things my significant other doesn’t like so I figured put them together in a pie and it’s all for meeee).  Pie will be for tomorrow evening.  It has breadcrumbs on top and there was bread in the sandwich.  Does wholemeal bread count as a processed food?  Bread-making is a process after all.  How strict do I have to be?  Maybe I can start off reasonably not strict and strictify upwards as I go along and as I get used to it.

I am noticing a difference already but to digestive system rather than to my asthma.  Positive improvement though so let’s continue.

There may be some pilates before bed but I’m not making promises as it’s late already.

23:52: Pilates mini session done.  Excellence.


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