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Zumbawumba I

November 7, 2011

A month of absence from writing on here culminating in an orgy of eating cupcakes and ‘things on sticks’, otherwise known as my birthday party.  I didn’t sit down all evening (maybe* the exercise of walking around would balance out calories consumed) and I didn’t drink any alcohol but I did have a fantastic time.  Yesterday I handed the last of the coffee cupcakes** (gorgeous but deadly) to the lovely neighbours and reflected upon the toxic effects of sugar on the physical comfort of someone*** who is not used to consuming it in large amounts.

* or maybe not
** these are vegan and were made by my niece, who rocks
*** me

Another thing I spent my month thinking was ‘after my birthday I will…’ with varied things following the dots.  One of these was attending an exercise class.  Last week, I had asked the attendees of the Thursday evening stop smoking group I host to set me a goal for the week, alongside setting their own goals.  This offer was a one-off and because it was my birthday; I always feel generous on my birthday.
“Sign up for Zumba class!”
“Yes because you are always talking about it and yet you have not yet done it”
“Better still, by next week you could have actually gone to your first class!”
(You may wish to imagine their eyes widening and their mood improving as they said these things)

So today I called the number I’d seen on the poster

Mr Zumba: “Hello”
Me: “Hello… is this the number for Zumba?” *stifles laugh regarding rhyme having just occurred to me*
Mr Zumba: “Yes. Which venue were you calling about?”
Me: “It’s on the way to my GP practice”
Mr Zumba: “I’d need to know which venue.  Is it the…”
Me: *interrupting* “I can look on the map and I’ll tell you”….*looks on map, which takes some time, then tells him*
Mr Zumba: “That class is on a Monday at 7pm”
Me: “I have some questions”
Mr Zumba: “Ok”
Me: “What do I need to wear?”
Mr Zumba: “Comfortable clothes”
Me: “What do I need to wear on my feet?
Mr Zumba: “Comfortable shoes”
Me: “Do I need to wear trainers?”
Mr Zumba: “You can wear trainers if you want to but you don’t need to.  Comfortable shoes will be fine”
Me: “How intensive is the class?”
Mr Zumba: “It’s suitable for all levels”
Me: “I’m not very fit”
Mr Zumba: “You’ll be able work at your own level”
Me: “Is the instructor a male or a female instructor?”
Mr Zumba: “It’s a male instructor”
Me: “….Is it YOU?”
Mr Zumba: “Yes, I’m the instructor”
Me: “er… how much does it cost and do I have to pay for a course or per session?”
Mr Zumba: “You can pay per session and it’s £5”
Me: “Someone told me it was £8”
Mr Zumba: “No, it’s £5”
Me: “Ok, I might be there this evening… or next week.  Thank you!” *hangs up quickly*

I think my best bet is to go along and pretend I’m someone completely different from the person who made the phone call.
Wish me luck!


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