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A Woman’s Right to Chews

October 8, 2011

A few of you will already be familiar with the outcome of my visit, a few days ago, to my excellent dentist – a dentist so good that the only pain is at the end when you see the bill.  I’ll be back to being able to eat ‘hard’ food on Wednesday, after I’ve spent more time in his chair wearing either the eyeshade visor thing OR his designer shades (as has happened on occasions when he can’t find the eyeshade visor thing).   However, I’ve already had nearly an entire week of eating soft food and it’s driving me nuts (which are another thing I can’t eat at the moment).   Hence I’m rebelling!

Here’s the sort of stuff I’ve been eating:

  • Mashed root vegetables – think of just about any root vegetable, I’ve had it mashed this week
  • Vegetables and beans in tomato pasta sauce, blended
  • Pasta and pesto sauce, blended – this was weird and a bit too dry
  • Polenta – OMG Polenta! How I adore ya!
  • Jacket potato mushed up with soya spread
  • Hummous – not on anything, just with a spoon
  • Far too many of these desserts
  • Ordinary dinner that everyone else is having but blended (where I’ve cooked for more than just me)

Also yesterday I had a really nice meal made for me by the folks at the Royal Marsden (was there for a study day for work purposes); that was smooth soup then a lovely and soft chilli bean thing with mashed potato.  I bought soya mince today for the express purpose of trying to make the chilli bean thing myself.

Doesn’t sound too harsh a diet does it?  No?  I have been desperate to do crunching and chewing not to mention other things with my mouth that might be too risky at the current time (cue half of you thinking that I could have tried just not mentioning it and the other half turning into Beavis and Butthead).  Hence my rebellion this evening.

I figured, if I tilted my head to one side and took tiny bites, I could get away with eating pizza.  I have now been eating the same pizza for over half an hour using this method and there’s a substantial amount of it left, but I’m managing!  The base is spelt and is nice and soft, then generic tomato pizza topping, some mushrooms and courgettes, garlic and topped with soya cheese.  Of course it’s now cold and, because I’ve eaten so slowly, I’m full before the plate’s clean but I do have a feeling somehow that I’ve won.

If I haven’t mentioned already, when I eat less I enjoy the food more.  I also noticed this week that eating sugar (desserts) has made me want to eat more sugar, which is useful info; my hand hovered over the desserts today in the shop  but I thought better of it as I don’t need them.

Love to all of you; I’ll write more when I’m fixed xxx


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One Comment
  1. “…when I eat less I enjoy the food more.”

    This definitely also applies to me but I need reminding from time to time.

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