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This is not what I had in mind

October 2, 2011

Welcome to October!  A month away from my birthday at which time I am hoping to be entertaining friends (some of whom I will not have seen in 5 months), being a fabulous host and fitting into something I look cute in.  So, onwards and upwards I thought – keep up the being healthy then see what size I end up and, if nothing glittery fits by the start of November, buy something new.  Doing anything drastic in order to lose weight was most definitely not on the cards.

Then what happened in the last week has been: Some major stress (very much best not discussed here so please don’t; I’ve kicked off action to start sorting it), followed immediately by a day of running around the countryside (blame my boss) and getting exhausted, followed by a cold that has turned into a chest infection (these things tend to make me lose about a kilo per day/coupla days) and then this evening …CER-ACK! breaking a filling and being told by NHS direct to only eat soft foods until it’s sorted.  Add to that I am never going to touch Green and Blacks Dark Cherry chocolate ever again (anything that breaks my teeth goes on the list of ‘I will shun you forever’; Mushroom Stroganoff is already on there as are Pringles and being slapped around the face by stupidly drunk boys).  The chocolate thing is more of a lifestyle change as it’ll be ongoing but the short-term stuff is somewhat annoying.

Not to worry, I have vitamin pills and a blender.  Any suggestions for soft but nutritious food are welcome. Please feel free to comment here or wherever I’ve linked to this post.

I would also like to thank the person who finished off my Green and Blacks chocolate so that I wouldn’t be tempted by it and thus at the risk of doing more dental damage, which was also the reason they gave 🙂

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible x


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  1. Can’t remember if you eat fish, but if so, Sainsbury sell offcuts of smoked salmon in neat little blocks for very small amounts. One of these mixed with low-fat soft cheese and lemon olive oil makes a wonderful sandwich filling/bagel topping/comfort food…

  2. Vicky Ayech permalink

    I made carrot soup today. Roasted chunks of carrot. Put in saucepan with pint of stock made with stock cubes and hot water. And threw in some herbs from the garden, not corriander I think but not sure what. Chopped herbs first. Cooked for half an hour or so and let cool a bit and then stuck the hand blender thing in and mushed it. Thick carrot soup that can be hot or cold and can be thinned a bit with more water bowl by bowl.

    The other thing is pasta with tomato and mushroom sauce. Fry some mushrooms. Add passata and a bit of water. Season. Paprika, sugar. Squeeze of lemon. Cook the pasta and add the sauce to it.

    • Oh cool
      I had mushroom and tomato pasta yesterday as it happens and it was really nice x

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