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Trish vs. Chocolate Cake

September 20, 2011

Last night someone I was talking with on the internet mentioned cake and I decided I should have some cake at some point soon, this being a bit more easily said than done, since I don’t eat cow dairy and most cakes have butter in (or its equivalent).  However praise be to Bushwacker, they had slices of Vegan Chocolate cake with thick icing and solid rocks of dark chocolate pressed into the side.  After a lovely and noodly lunch with Emma, I took a slice back to the office and informed my colleagues that the chocolate cake and I would need a room together for a short while.

I got a plate, I got a fork – this was where things started to go wrong.  Texture was crumbly, taste was sweet and chocolatey, icing was smooth and rich.  As a chocolate cake there was no discernable difference which I could attribute to it being vegan (as far as I could tell).  A few bites of it, yeah it was ok.  But then, not long after those few bites I began to feel over-full and like it was getting a bit sickly.  I mentioned this sometime later and got told by colleague K (who I am informed will be answering my last post sometime this week) that the portion size had been too large.  I think something more than that was afoot though; I think, and I’m really sorry about this but…. I think I don’t like chocolate cake!  The idea of it was nice and it ticked all the boxes that chocolate cake is meant to tick but this might be why when I make chocolate cakes for other people (reasonably often) I’m not tempted to eat one.   And there’s few things more pointless and counterproductive than junk food that you actually don’t want in the first place.

Going back a few years to when my friend and on/off smooch* buddy J was making a film as part of a college course (I think).  I missed being filmed but one question that was asked of those appearing in the film (interviews with people stylee) was “What’s your favourite taste?”.  The answer from everyone was ‘chocolate’.  I’m peeved that I didn’t get filmed because, at the time, I would have said ‘green olives’.  What on earth is wrong with me? 

* – a polite term used euphemistically to describe what I actually mean

Alternatively it could be that, once you start eating more healthily, full-fat chocolate cake just doesn’t taste that nice.

I bought myself a non-food treat to balance the cake experience (I didn’t finish the cake btw, I threw it away and good riddance): Therapeutic dough infused with essential oils – Mohdoh!  It smells nice, it feels nice, you’re all getting it for Christmas.


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