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Special K

September 15, 2011

As of last Friday I’ve been keeping a record of everything I’ve eaten.  This is for the purpose of seeing what it is I actually eat and also colleague K has kindly offered to cast her expert eye over my food choices and give me some feedback.  She said to eat as I normally would but I’m not sure how accurately I did that because writing it all down and knowing I had to submit it for scrutiny may have affected what I ate.

Anyone else reading this please feel free to pretend you’re a dietitian and join in the scrutiny.

Here goes…

Trish’s week of eating 🙂
Breakfast 3 slices Pineapple, 2 plums, handful of prunes
Lunch Feta salad with mint and seeds, 1 vegan sausage roll, fruit in jelly
(blackberries, apples and plums)
Dinner 2 small, steamed haddock fillets, half a cup of brown rice, 2 baby
aubergines and a handful of green beans (also steamed), Rocket,
red pepper and cucumber salad (lemon juice and olive oil dressing),
+ lemon, garlic and tarragon sauce for the fish (home made – about
a quarter cupful)
Snacks Handful of Whitworths Wasabi bean mix
Breakfast 200ml Innocent Kiwi, apple and Lime smoothie
Lunch Salad: Brown rice, tomatoes, pre-cooked chicken breast, red pepper,
green beans (steamed), rocket, celery, cucumber, black olives, olive oil,
balsamic vinegar (ingredients listed from what there was most of to what
there was least of). Plus 1 wholewheat pitta with hummous
Dinner Home made tomato and basil soup (fat-free) with watercress and
nutritional yeast, 5 Fudges Marmite biscuits, Fruit and Jelly for dessert
Snacks Blackberries (half a cereal bowl)
Breakfast Porridge: 50g porridge oats, water + 300ml Juice: Apple and Beetroot
Lunch 1 large slice flatbread, 2 tb hummous, 2 tb aubergine & tomato thing,
then Roast lamb (palm size), white rice (they gave me half a plateful
in restaurant and I ate about half of it), 1 grilled tomato, salad: carrot,
lettuce, olives, cucumber, tomatoes
Dinner 1 Tesco Vegetable Quarter Pounder, salad: 1 stick of celery,
2″ cucumber, 1/3 yellow pepper, large handful of watercress,
matchbox-size amount of goat cheese, handful of black olives,
1 apple, handful of pecans, olive oil and lemon juice
Snacks fruitini ice lolly x2!!
Breakfast 1 kiwi fruit, 6 strawberries, some raspberries (I didn’t count them!)
Lunch 1 wholewheat pitta with hummous, salad: large amount of watercress,
1/2 a red pepper, handful of sugarsnap peas + large handful wasabi beans
that I’m sneakily including in ‘lunch’ so I can have another snack later 😉
Dinner Pizza! – Mini pizza base, tomato pizza topping, 1/4 courgette, 5 olives, 2 cloves
garlic, soya cheese (home-made), dried italian herbs (spot the cheapass), served
with babyleaf herb salad (lots)
Snacks fruitini ice lolly x1 (so far, the night is young)
Breakfast Marmite on toast (wholemeal bread)
Lunch Miso soup, salad: 1 sweet potato, handful cooked edamame beans,
1/2 a shallot, 1/2 a carrot, 1/2 a red pepper, tiny amount maggi
chilli sauce
, 1/2 tablespoon mayonnaise, light sprinkle sea salt
+ 1 Nakd Bar (Cocoa Loco)
Dinner Pizza again pretty much as before: Mini pizza base, tomato pizza
topping, 2 mushrooms, 2 cloves garlic, soya cheese, served with
babyleaf herb salad and 2 tablespoons of wholewheat pasta with
pesto (made the pasta for tomorrow’s lunch but not all of it would
fit in container)
Snacks 5 marmite biscuits with goat cheese
Breakfast Bowl of raspberries and strawberries
Lunch Bowl of wholewheat pasta with home made pesto (basil, almonds, garlic,
olive oil, nutritional yeast)
Dinner Soba noodles (buckwheat), 1/2 a pack of stir fry veg, chow mein sauce
Snacks Marmite and peanut butter sandwich, half a bag of Indonesian veggie
Breakfast Small bowl of pineapple
Lunch 4 spring rolls (the tiny ones), Large bowl of noodle soup with pork and
veg in it (this being what can happen when you point at the diners at the
next table and say “I’ll have what they’re having”)
Dinner Tofu with chilli and garlic on bed of shredded carrot with sugarsnap peas
then home made thai red curry with mushrooms, courgette, onions, garlic, red pepper + brown rice
Snacks Bag of salt and vinegar crisps (the lowest fat ones I could find in the shop)

I’m almost exactly the same weight as I was a week ago so the diet above corresponds to a food intake that isn’t going to shift any kilos.  What I’d like to work out is….

  • How healthy is this diet in general?
  • What changes could I make to make it healthier (without getting hungry)?
  • What changes could I make so I’m losing weight (slowly is fine)?

Over to you 🙂


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  1. marmite lover permalink

    Ohhh, and the long awaited reply…

    Overall, wow, what a healthy looking balanced diet, I don’t think I would be able to sustain this! So that answers question 1. Point two, yes, very valid, making it healthier whilst making it filling is always the aim, and is much easier to sustain, you should never feel restricted when eating well. I’m sure you know by now I never condone diets! So that’s good news!

    So, let’s address point 3 by giving an overview of your weeks intake;

    Okay, you need to eat more, no wonder you had those snacks later on, you must have felt hungry! More complex carbs and protien is needed at everymeal (and if you’re hungry in between choose these/or fruit and veg) it will mean you are more filled up on less calories.

    I noticed you put a real effort into having something for breakfast, well done! Research shows that slim people tend to eat breakfast. However, fruit alone is not enough, if you really don’t feel like it then perhaps bring some to work to eat a bit later when you’re able to. Yogurt and oats, or toast and egg or thin spread of peanut butter (reduced sugar) and banana, or cereal and milk would ace you up until lunch.

    So there’s the breakfast improvement. Now onto lunches, great! These contain veg and fruit usually, I would recommend adding even more of this stuff (they’re so low in calories and can fill you up) raw broccolli with chilli and toasted seeds is a nice option. I did notice again, though low on the carbs and protein. Chicken, fish, nuts and/or pulses will provide much more nutrients and fill you then the soya roll or a bit of feta. These options tend to be high in salt but are still good, by the time you eat enough feta to make the meal filling, it becomes a fattening option! Definately add more carbs into the lunches, they’ll give you your B vits too, so brown rice, sweet potatoes, other grains. Or it could feature as a ‘dessert’ type mid afternoon snack by having fruity oat yogurts/rice cakes.

    Dinners-these were pretty good! Try having these for lunch and you’ll be away!

    A few points;

    * Add more wholegrains-bread type options like pitta or pizza options tend to pass through pretty quick-and if that was the last thing you ate by the following day mid afternoon you’ll be starving

    * Whereever you can mix a protien with a carb, it provides more nutrients and fills you up (you should aim for about 5-7 portions of carbs a day and 2-3 portions of protien. Bascially 1 piece per meal and then carbs as snacks (if you need them) to reach your ideal weight quicker, swap a couple of the extra crabs for fruit or veg and stick to low fat, no added sugar diary options or lean meat

    * Calorie busting! The only things I could see here which you could perhaps swap as an improvement if you really wanted would be the marmite biscuits for a lower fat option. Check your jelly is low in sugar. Though that really would be ‘perfection’ jelly is normally pretty good and if you’re not having these biscuits every day then fine, keep them as treats!

    ** Go easy on dips/sauces like mayo, hummus, pesto, chilli sauce these are where the ‘hidden calories’ lie. Choose lower fat options where you can to speed up the results you want.

    So there you go!! Pretty good on variety and fruit and veg, maybe include a treat of your choice at some point and think about the possible improvements above.

    Let me know if you have any further q’s 🙂 See you soooooooon my dear.

  2. You rock! and thank you for excellent and thorough report 😀

    I shall see you on Thursday at Liverpool St and let you know progress 🙂
    D is threatening me with Zumba classes so I may disappear off at some point :S

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