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One day at a time

August 27, 2011

Breakfast should not normally be consumed at 3pm, however if one is going to go to bed in the small hours and is apt to want a bit of a lie in.   This morning’s discovery was that edible porridge can actually be made in the microwave.  Excellent!  Now the microwave has far more of a purpose than it previously did.

Something that resembled a meal was eaten some time after this.  My lovely niece had explained to me on the phone how to steam fish so I gave it a go with a few bits of wild salmon.  Boiled sweet potatoes and uncooked spinach formed the base of a salad, red pepper, tomatoes, shallots and sugarsnap peas provided interesting crunch and zing.  I made a ginger and chilli dressing to douse it all in and then a small amount of seafood sauce for the salmon.  Amount of salmon = small.  Amount of salad accompaniment = so huge I had to put it on plate in 2 goes, eating the first lot to make way for the second.

I doubt there is room for another meal today.  I have a sofa date this evening (with a doctor!) so I’m going to bring along dried fruit and nuts as damage-limitation nibbles.



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