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August 7, 2011

The main plus to shopping alone is I can spend as many hours as I fricking well want wandering up and down the aisles of Tesco with a list I’ve also taken hours to prepare, ticking items off one by one as I put them in the trolley and also deciding thing X looks good and I’ll have some of that as well.  The main drawback is there’s nobody to tell me that I might not need 5 lemons over the course of one week and that they might shrivel and harden into lemon-shaped paperweights or worse, develop patches of  fruit gan-green (possibly related to the penicillin stuff you get on every bread that doesn’t have as many chemicals in it as Warburtons).

I arose today around noon-ish and did some Pilates (getting easier now), ate some leftover pasta then looked in the cupboards and fridge and decided it was Tesco time.  I hit a couple of health food shops first to obtain things that Tesco was unlikely to have and then wandered at a slow and happy pace towards the supermarket.  Just prior, there was an elderly woman in the health food shop confusing the staff by asking for ‘Milk of Magnesia’; they were trying to sell her something called ‘Milk Thistle’ and the conversation was getting out of hand so I went to buy her some from Superdrug on the basis that it was only a couple of quid, it was quicker than taking her there to show her it and it made things less painful for all involved including me who had been waiting to be served.  The downside to that was that when I went back into the health food shop and handed it to her, she tried to adopt me.

Do any of you play that game when you’re waiting in a queue for a till at the supermarket where you look at what someone else has put on the conveyor belt thing and you ask yourself “Would I want to go to dinner at their house?”.  If not, there’s a first time for everything.  Have a read of my shopping list and see if you fancy eating chez moi.  In the interests of not being obsessive, I promise this is the first, last and only time I’ll make you read about everything I’ve bought.  I’ve excluded items I’ve bought that are not for my sole consumption or use.

  • Expanding file – I need this for work, which is the only reason I’ve kept the receipt – to get the money back from petty cash.  Blame this entire post on my workplace if you like 🙂
  • Watercress – because I’ve eaten too much rocket and am bored of it
  • Bag of salad –  because watercress doesn’t go with everything
  • Veggie stir fry – something to make quickly when I got home for that post-shopping hunger
  • Shitake mushrooms – they all went in the stir fry
  • Soya spread – I’m doing a ton of baking lately
  • Red peppers – they have vitamin C and I might actually eat them, unlike oranges (see earlier paragraph about lemons)
  • Courgette – just the one and I promise to eat it before it dies
  • Tuna steaks – sheep, pigs and cows are now safe from me but fish are still in danger, sorry
  • Braeburn apples – do all apples taste the same? I got these because they looked good
  • Buckwheat noodles – so I can hopefully learn to cook them without them going wrong
  • Mushrooms – bog standard variety – my fridge is too cold so they last forever
  • Tomatoes – there were these gorgeous bagged tomatoes that looked like they were glowing, I had to have them, they may end up in tomato and basil soup (they smell real good too)
  • “Salad onions” – No, Tesco, they’re called shallots, get it right – these were because so many recipes in my new cookbook call for them
  • Garlic – I had some already at home but if I run out of garlic then I can’t make anything and the world comes to a standstill
  • 3 Lemons – Look! Not 5!
  • Pizza bases – I like home made pizza with home made vegan cheese on it.  2 other people I’ve ever met do as well so I should invite them round
  • Frozen prawns – see ‘Tuna Steaks’
  • Frozen cubes of shredded ginger – great joy! No need to wrestle with actual ginger root and risk cutting my fingers off trying to cut it small enough (or worse, grating my fingers instead of the ginger) plus I could put back the tube of gooey ginger in a tube with a zillion additives
  • Fish fingers – see ‘Frozen prawns’
  • Pizza topping – this is tomato stuff at the right consistency for putting on a pizza base.  It hibernates in its jar for years then when you open it, it lives for one day… like a mayfly
  • Coriander – so I can make carrot and coriander soup before my remaining carrots die
  • Mackerel – see ‘Fish fingers’
  • Veggie burgers – the mushroom ones from Tesco are amazingly nice
  • Olive oil – cold pressed extra virgin olive oil – because I’m worth it
  • Chick peas – new recipe book calls for chick peas quite a lot too, they’re pre-cooked so there will be no repeat of the incident when I was 17 and nearly set fire to the house (apologies if either parent is reading this, I opened all the windows in the house to let the smoke disperse before you got home)
  • Chilli sauce – recipe book again – I don’t like chilli sauce but I’m buying any ingredients that crop up frequently
  • Mayonnaise – a moment of extreme weakness
  • 1 Lime – for adding to the stir fry
  • Cornflour – recipe book again
  • Italian sauce – Bertolli tomato sauce; I can make my own pasta sauce but this is for lazier or hurried times
  • Mung beans – all of which will be sprouted – if you eat bean sprouts you live forever or something
  • Pineapple – is supposed to be good for asthmatic people
  • Red wine – tiny bottle, to be used in cooking
  • 2 sandwich tins – so I can make cakes when necessary, since moving I’m gradually adding to what stuff I have in the kitchen
  • 20 refuse sacks – maybe I should have stuck to just writing out all the food on my shopping list and not included stuff like this
  • Tarragon – for making tarragon and onion gravy to go with the nut roast I’m cooking tomorrow (actually I already made it but haven’t cooked it yet – someone else smelled it and said it smells like chicken, which it shouldn’t)
  • Gin and Tonics – in a can! I now regret buying these because I could have bought Hendricks (which my branch of Tesco is amazing enough to sell) and separate tonic in cans.  However I’m still going ‘Hmm, I might go teetotal again’ so I had gin commitment issues
  • Sage – this went in the nut roast, it doesn’t smell anything like chicken
  • Organic wholewheat pasta – if I buy organic it’s usually by accident
  • Sesame seeds – I aim to toast them and have them on salads
  • Ryvita – not just any Ryvita but onion Ryvita, the only one that tastes of anything IMHO
  • Bulgar wheat – in case I find a good recipe for Tabbouleh
  • Dried yeast – for making more olive cake, already have loads of olives indoors
  • Suntan lotion – you never know, there might be more days when it doesn’t rain
  • Rice vinegar – recipe book yet again
  • Toilet tissue– Puppies on a roll – yes, I really should have just listed food items, thank you I’m aware of that now

I forgot to buy hummous

It is now, inexplicably, 2am and I’m going to bed.  Night all x


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  1. Ani permalink

    You are so fabulous Trish 🙂

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