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Next time I’ll avoid the Gin and Pilates Cocktail

August 3, 2011

My new clinic at the GP surgery is on Wednesdays so I went there today (or yesterday, if I don’t finish this post by midnight).  I get to work in a gorgeous consulting room with old style anatomy posters on the walls, all sorts of jars and models and curios on the shelves and a beautiful old-fashioned screen for patients to undress behind.   There’s also a set of scales; standing on them wasn’t so much of a problem – it was the looking down and seeing what they said that bothered me.  I have no idea where I’ve put my set of scales I have at home but I think I better wait till I’ve been doing this healthy eating thing a bit longer before I get on any scales again.  Maybe right at the end of August would be good.

I’ve kept to the ‘3 meals no snacks and do the exercise’ again today.  Let’s assume from now on that I’m going to and that I have done, unless I say otherwise.  A zombie this morning, so I didn’t do a workout until half an hour ago.  Punishing Pilates workout that would have been a pizza cake a few years ago but with me out of shape did me in somewhat.  And that was after a double gin and tonic.  Man, I’m not doing those things in that order again.  It was like from ‘nice’ to ‘hungover’ in 20 minutes.  I fuss too much.  I feel ok now sat at keyboard.

In another blog I have, where I’ve linked to this one, someone commented about HDL cholesterol and so I thought I’d do a bit more research into foods that increase it.  For those of you who missed the post where I was going on about cholesterol, there are 2 types: HDL and LDL.  HDL > LDL = Health.  LDL > HDL = Ohnoes!  And if you eat foods high in HDL they can help get rid of your LDL.  So what are these foods?  I went looking various places on the good ship Google and found out.

NUTS – about a handful daily, without any added stuff so dry roasted peanuts are probably not what they mean, but you can shake them onto salads or have them in nut roast, which is awesome

OATMEAL – Yes, there’s actually a justification for this food.  The fibre and unsaturated fat gives you higher HDL cholesterol levels and the nutrients in it combine to absorb LDL cholesterol and take it to your liver to be got rid of.  Is this bollocks?  I don’t know.  I’ve read it a few different places online.  Enough evidence for me to give it a go.

FISH – Fish apparently does the same kind of thing.  Mackerel, tuna and salmon give you Omega 3 as well.

So what about high LDL foods?  Is that just everything else that isn’t nuts, oatmeal or fish?
I found a few lists and guys, the major culprit looks like MEAT.  It could be that, if I’d had my cholesterol levels checked back when I was a veggie, I would have had a better ratio of HDL and LDL.

You live and learn.  Good job I just purchased this amazing cookbook  as recommended to me by the lovely Karen, whose blog is here.

Pages about Cholesterol
The Mayo Clinic lists foods high in HDL
The BHF has a page on cholesterol-lowering in general
NHS Choices, fantastic, loads more information than I have written above.  I’ll be bookmarking that page as it goes into some detail about how to sort your cholesterol levels out.

  1. Ah, that’s useful/reassuring info – I’d just started worrying about the amount of cholesterol I’m eating lately, after reading the back of a salmon packet (I’m eating a LOT of salmon since I started doing weights regularly, as it’s a handy-size protein snack) (no sniggering). So actually the high cholesterol content of the salmon is ‘friendly’ cholesterol? Bonus!

  2. Too late – I sniggered, sorry.
    Would love to read up on how your exercising is going – where’s the best place for me to do that out of all your online presences? 🙂

  3. Sarah permalink

    I got the results of my blood tests today, and it turns out my cholesterol is a little high. Not normally high enough to be worrying, but my dad had a heart attack, near enough, at 56, so it needs watching. So this post is especially interesting to me – thank you !

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