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Everyone should exercise with a baby watching

August 2, 2011

Get ready to hand me a halo – I’ve kept up the healthy eating and exercise for a whole 2 days now.  This may seem like not a lot but since my problem is persistence I’m going to celebrate each day I achieve.  I ate three meals today and nothing else, all good since I wasn’t hungry inbetween – I’ve kept hydrated and busy.

The hardest bit is that I again have ladies’ excuse me week and I had to get through my working day without chocolate!  And you can’t get Feminax without it having ibuprofen in it these days, which I’m not allowed to take.  No thanks, Mrs Pharmacist Lady, I do not want codeine, I’m about to chair a meeting and I can’t afford to be a space cadet.  My colleagues need medals NOW for putting up with me today.

– Sardines on toast for breakfast.  There might also have been tea, I was too sleepy to notice
– Sainsbury’s Veggie Sushi for lunch and a bottle of smoothie, a green one
– Bird’s Eye chicken fingers x3 for tea with all the salad in the world (carrots and celery and red peppers and all good things) + broccoli

In between meals 2 and 3 I did some exercise on the WiiFit+ at the lovely neighbours’ place.  I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned before but they have the cutest baby.  I worried about turning off his cartoons to put the WiiFit+ on but WiiFit+ is very cartoony anyhow and I’m not sure he notices that it’s an avatar me jogging and doing hula hoop things rather than Minnie Mouse.  At one point Mrs Neighbour remarked he appeared to be jogging his legs at same time as me.  He’s going to have some strange early memories, for which I apologise.

From here on in I guess it’s just keep going.  I plan to exercise in the mornings on Wednesdays and Thursdays because I start work late and get back late.  Pilates tomorrow and then aerobics Thursday when the other lovely neighbours Mr and Mrs Downstairs are both out.  Not eating between meals has been no problem at all so far and I’m tending to wait till I’m hungry before I have a meal (with exception of breakfast this morning, which I force fed myself out of a sense of duty dammit).

I’ve been collecting up (just from my bookshelf) any books I have on healthy eating, psychology around eating, stuff about diets etc. and I’d like to review some of them on this blog.  List of books I have and will be reading and talking about is below.  Any others anyone would like to suggest, please feel free.  Also any comments you’d like to make, please feel free also.  Or not – happy if you just want to read the blog 🙂

  • Fat is a Feminist Issue – Orbach
  • The End of Overeating – Kessler
  • I Can Make You Thin – McKenna (although I think I’ve done this one already)
  • Skinny Bitch – Freedman and Barnouin

There’s a book I used to own called ‘Womansize – The Tyranny of Slenderness’ that I’d also like to read again but I no longer own it.

Ok that’s enough for today.  I made olive cake, which now needs storing somewhere for the night, and I should go to bed because I have visitor tomorrow evening following late work day.

Lots of love xxx

  1. Elizabeth permalink

    Good going Trish.
    I’m also trying to exercise more, trying to get some fitness back in long recovery from a knee operation a couple of years ago. It turns out I don’t have any willpower, but every time I haul myself out I discover that I enjoy how it feels afterward. A steady amount of jogging even when i don’t want to has produced actual calf muscles and more breathing! It has not improved how I feel about jogging. So I salute the willpower, and wish you fun as well.

    • Good gong you too for doing the jogging.
      Totally understand how some exercises may be fun but some are just a chore, and a chore that one knows nobody else may notice if we don’t do.
      Glad to hear of positive results! Yay 🙂

      A lovely person of my acquaintance does housework listening to an iPod, not music but radio dramas. Wonder if listening to something you love would make the jogging more bearable?


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