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Start as you really, really hope you’ll go on

August 1, 2011

I decided August should be the month I had to buck up my ideas and actually start DOING more about the healthy eating and exercise thing rather than just yakking on about it here.  Surely more than sufficient preparation and learning has occurred by now, even a few false starts (darn them marmite crisps) so I should be good.  And today’s gone well so far; 2 healthy meals and half an hour of workout.

I’m following the guidelines below, which I think should be achievable:

No red meat – at least for August.  Colleague T has sent me info on other sources of iron, which you can read here – basically a veggie site.  Tofu has it, lentils and potatoes have it, almonds have it – I’m sorted so long as I consume vitamin C at the same time to help absorb.

No junk food – at least for August!  What do I classify as junk food?  Probably everything I ate yesterday 😉  People have their own ideas about what is and isn’t junk.  I recall asking a lovely veggie friend if they ever ate junk food and them saying ‘Yes, I like veggie burgers sometimes’.  I wouldn’t have thought of a veggie burger as junk food… surely a veggie burger is at least one of your five a day?!!
If I get stuck trying to work out if something is or isn’t junk food, I’ll call my mum and ask her 😀 (aren’t you glad you’re not related to me?)

Eat regular meals and don’t skip ’em – I skipped breakfast today due to 1) Lack of time (in turn due to being allergic to going to bed on time), 2) Not yet being used to eating food in the morning, and 3) General uselessness

Aim to do some exercise every day – well, it’s a start.

Eat less of food high in Sugar, fat and salt – I’ve labelled all the foods in the cupboard, fridge and freezer that have high fat, salt and/or sugar and I’ll be avoiding those with a few exceptions.  I’m going to continue eating nuts because they have high HDL cholesterol, the one which beats up LDL cholesterol.  Similarly not avoiding any other high HDL fatty foods.  Also if the amount of salt, fat or sugar in something is high but the amount I’m actually going to be ingesting of it is low (e.g. putting a bit of marmite on toast) then I’m not going to worry unduly either.

I will NOT be counting calories or going on any particular diet.  In case anyone was wishing to suggest or promote any particular diet, I accept that you’re well-meaning but I won’t be doing it.  August is kind of a trial to see if I can change my eating habits for life.  I hope that at the end of August I continue doing all of this stuff, perhaps with the addition of occasional time off for good behaviour.  If I go ‘on a diet’ I expect what will happen is that I feel massively deprived and cheat OR I get to the end of it then go back to how I was eating before.

Only one thing I’ve not yet decided about…  Alcohol. It’s nice isn’t it!  I’ll get back to you on that one.

  1. Karen permalink

    This all sounds very wise and sensible! If you’re looking for good veggie/vegan recipes I recommend the book Appetite for Reduction – it’s American so you have to translate measurements a bit but the recipes are very yummy and all low-fat.

    Plus the author, Isa Chandra Moskowitz, is smokin’ hot. She also has a website, Post Punk Kitchen:

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