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Rebecca Thomas is as wise as she is gorgeous

July 29, 2011

Not everybody who reads this blog will know Rebecca Thomas and it’s their loss I’m afraid for she is lovely.   I start today’s blog with something she said online recently and which she has kindly given me permission to share.

“Something I have learned about weight loss and self improvement over the last year and a half, is that its not so much the how, but the why that is important. (my emphasis)

Don’t try to lose weight or otherwise improve yourself because you hate who and what you are. Do it because you recognise how amazing and wonderful you are and owe it to yourself to be the best you that you can be. Once I stopped seeing exercise and healthy eating as a penance for being (in my mind at least) fat and unloved, I turned a corner and self improvement became a joy and a reward.”

She’s also an RPG-er, which I hadn’t known until I read the next bit..

“I guess my love of Role-playing games helped too, I now see exercise, healthy living etc. as levelling up my real life Character. If only I could get “Level up” notifications in the Real World. :-D”

I’m going to keep in mind all the good things about myself that I like and work on making the whole me that carries all that good around into a healthier and bouncier version, with better strength, suppleness and stamina.  I’m going to stop throwing on the nearest clothes that are clean and get with wearing nice, coordinating clothes NOW.  I’m going to celebrate the fact that I walked 6 miles today (all for work purposes, getting to and from community centre where Emma and I were doing a presentation together).  And I’m going to look forward not to fitting back into old clothes but to buying new, zingy colourful clothes so bright the general public will have to wear sunglasses.

Lady, you rock. xx


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  1. Ellie permalink

    I totally second your praise of the Becky here! But then I may be a little bit biased 😉


  2. 🙂 Awww, sweet.
    Thanks for reading and love to you both xx

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