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“No no, you see there’s good asbestos, and there’s bad asbestos!”

July 28, 2011

I just got back from seeing my new GP.   I’d say he was a ‘very nice man’ but I’m trying to save that phrase until I’ve at least got my bus pass.  He managed to chase down my blood test results within a few minutes (unlike the receptionist from the land of lack of clue yesterday) and we had a chat about my weight loss and gain pattern and reasons behind it.   I talked about now having the life of calmer and happier where I can begin to sort out this comfort-eating stuff and do some exercise thus get stronger, more flexible and have more stamina.  He was of the ‘gradually does it’ school of thought, not so much in favour of the dieting but more in favour of the making changes one is going to keep up with.  I told him I was worried about having made it into the ‘Obese’ category of the BMI scale but he said it wasn’t too bad, no major cause for concern.   Weigh myself once a week to keep an eye on it if I want to and eat healthier and do some exercise.

Ok, blood test results.  My glucose levels are fine.  My cholesterol levels are slightly high; he said they’re not high to the point where it’s a concern.   Reading the lab result sheet that I asked for a copy of (guess who worries too much about their health), there are 2 results for cholesterol.  One is for HDL Cholesterol, which is low.  The other is for LDL Cholesterol, which is high.  Reading up on the internet it turns out that HDL Cholesterol is a ‘good’ cholesterol that you need and LDL Cholesterol is a ‘bad’ cholesterol.  You should have your levels of HDL and LDL Cholesterols be the other way around than mine are.  And, according to Doctor bloke, making some dietary changes will do that.

Cutting down on the foods with high sugar, salt or fat in them (see previous post – The OCD approach to rating your food cupboard for health) or finding substitutes may be a good start.  Doctor bloke said something about checking cholesterol levels again in 3 months so let’s start with a healthy August, and a not too unhealthy end to July.

Ok, off to work now.  Yes, I do start work in the middle of the day but I’ll still be working by the time you’re home and watching telly.  Love to all my readers, I know you’re there I can see on the site stats.  Feel free to say hello anytime 😉 xx

oh, and apparently the title of this post is a mis-quote.  In Episode 2 Season 2 of Black Books, Johnny Vegas says ‘there’s bad asbestos and there’s nice asbestos’.  Oops.  I’d change the title but I’ve used it as a link on FB, sorry to any pedantic fans 🙂


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