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I’m ready for my close up

July 18, 2011

Evening meal of HEALTH: salad, wholewheat pasta with home made pesto, vegetable soup and croutons

Fortunately or unfortunately, I have discovered the one place near where I live that sells marmite crisps, in bags of six packs each.  This is one reason why the photos of what I ate today are limited to one meal.  However I do like the idea of photographing everything I eat and drink.  I won’t necessarily put the photos on here every time because it may bore you all to tears.

I signed up with new GP last week and have an appointment next week at which I’ll discuss my health stuff.  I may get them to monitor my weight so I don’t obsess and weigh myself all the fricking time.

Got home too late to bother the lovely neighbours with doing the Wii workout but Mrs Downstairs says she won’t mind me doing the Jordan workout Thursday mornings because she and hubby will both be at work (I start work late on Thursdays).

Cool bananas

Thanks to anyone who’s still reading this blog btw 😀 I’ll keep writing it even if you don’t because it’s helping me focus xx

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  1. Vicky Ayech permalink

    Trish, are you on facebook? We have a group tehre(I belong to weightwatchers too but this is just 7 or 8) who want to lose weight and post what they eat and encourage and help. One does it as you do taking photos. We all do different things. It’s called Fit Better Together. I am Vicky Ayech on fb. If you would like to visit there…and be friends? Some are from and some just know Ally who set it up. She is allergic to gluten and some things and plays folk music for a Morris dancing group, and mends instruments.

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