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3 courses, 2 flats, 1 waffer thin mint

July 15, 2011

I went to sign up with a new GP today, brought up that I’m attempting to get healthier eating and exercise wise and got given booklets to take away and read.   I’m sure they’re fascinating booklets and I’ll definitely read them (hatcha! who says I can’t do sarcasm?)

This evening I made 3 course dinner using my own kitchen and the lovely neighbours’ kitchen and ate it with and chez the neighbours.  Mrs Neighbour gave me 10, 10 and 10 when I asked for marks out of 10 for each course so my head is huge now, and my dishes are in their dishwasher 🙂

Here’s what was had:

Prawn cocktails – no iceberg so salad leaves from a bag instead, tomatoes, cucumber, prawns (NOT the ones that got defrosted when the freezer got turned off by accident, those ones are in the bin), home mixed prawn cocktail sauce (when you’re mixing mayonnaise from the shop rather than that you made yourself with ketchup and squirting some lemon juice in it you can’t get away with saying ‘home made’) and a slice of lemon on top

Aubergine and mushroom THING – aubergines, mushrooms and garlic cooked in a jar of this stuff, halloumi on top for the last bit of time in the oven – served with…

Toasted bread rolls, couscous with olives and grated carrot and celery and chopped red pepper, potato wedges (with some salsa to dip them in that nobody used)

Dessert – Vanilla swedish glace, fried bananas with agave nectar and whiskey (DID NOT set fire to neighbours’ kitchen, nor set off smoke alarm), slices of (drum roll……..) Trek Cocoa Brownie

Tesco waffer thin chocolate mints – nobody wanted the waffer thin mint

Photos next time I cook promise; was too busy this time

Oh and I can spell, I’m just borrowing from The Meaning of Life <- Don’t click if squeamish or offended by really stupid humour 🙂


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  1. I want all of that except the prawns, please. 🙂

    • Aha then we must converse and plan the dinner party here where I invite you and +1 (not in the Google sense) of your choice. Teach me the ways of Sharon food and it shall be heaped upon you(r plate) xxxxx

  2. Pecorino sauce looks interesting – will have to look out for it. 🙂 Always on the lookout for things that contain sheep or goat but not cow dairy items. 😉

    • Then I must compile a list of things I use and have found and put it somewhere (LJ memories maybe) because I do quite a lot of looking out for things that contain sheep or goat but not cow dairy 🙂

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