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Jurassic Diet

July 12, 2011

Food brought into work today:
Home made celeriac soup (in a vaster quantity than I can eat, hence touting it to colleagues …who are a bit unsure)
Rocket leaves and croutons to throw at soup
Wholewheat pitta with hummous in (caramelised onion hummous = the one with all the drugs in that there’s never any left of in the supermarket because people have bought it all to feed their addiction)
Carrot and red pepper sticks
An apple
A satsuma
An avocado that might be a touch over ripe

I’ve eaten melon that was handed to me by lovely colleague but the idea is that I only consume what I’ve brought into work myself (that being all healthy stuff) and that I bring in more than I can probably consume so that there’s spare to share or for if I have munchies.

I listened to deeply offensive comments about my weight gain yesterday, and for reasons those of you who know the context will be aware of, I can’t share who said the comments here or what they were.  I won’t be thanking that person for giving me a kick start to get back on the wagon and sort my eating out; I was getting there anyway just wanted a day or two more to let my cold get some more better.  Then I figured I’ll probably get more vitamins minus junk food and plus health in it’s place so why the hell not.

So here’s the plan and comments are very welcome on it

I start each day with something that resembles breakfast (that so didn’t happen this morning because I was rushing)
I bring healthy stuff to work as described above and eat it as and when I’m hungry
I make a healthy evening meal
I aim not to eat any more after the evening meal

Re exercising, I have lovely neighbours who can out themselves if they’d like to or remain quiet if they’d prefer not to, and I will be exercising at their place since they have a Wii and I’ve given them custody of my Wii Fit+ stuff (I’ll bring the balance board down tonight, I only just unpacked it).  Once I’m completely unpacked an hoovered round I’ll roll out the pilates mat and get with the stretchy.

Provided this cold all gone and no other surprise ill has come to take its place I’d like to go out somewhere this weekend for long walk – maybe the seaside.

Finally, for anyone who hasn’t seen this yet, this is what you get served for dinner if I’m cooking and you don’t want celeriac soup


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  1. Vicky Ayech permalink

    I find it very hard not to eat after supper. I do Weightwatchers and save points so I can graze in the evening. Bananas are very filling but although all fruit is free now you can’t have too much. Advice that works for me was to freeze bananas in chunks. Takes longer to eat a few and is nice. Also freeze grapes. I also like Skinny Cow ices.

    I make veg soup in big batches that is very thick, roasted veg + stock, and dilute daily. It can be hot or cold depending which veg. You could take it to work.

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