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There but for the Graze of God go I

June 23, 2011

I’ve just taken the decision to cancel my Graze box.  It used to get delivered every Thursday and, at first, it was wow and exciting to receive it and extra fun to go online and ‘rate’ all the stuff I’d been sent.

However now I’m cancelling for a few reasons:
I’m not that interested in snacking at the moment and I imagine that, if I did want to snack, it would be better to go to the shop and buy something I happen to fancy and am guaranteed to like

I’m trying to save money and even though it’s only a small amount each week, small amounts add up

There are some Thursdays I’ve been not at work and I have forgotten to cancel the box so I get back to work and there are 2 boxes waiting for me

It’s over-packaged

Fresh fruit is healthier

I’m too busy to eat it!

Actual real content soon, honest.  I’m just waiting for some life things to sort out.  They will.


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