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Please insert Stephen Fry’s joke about Sake for yourselves

June 15, 2011

Just back from Bincho where small amounts of food were served in great quantity, preceded by all of us but one ordering Caipirinhas in the bar next door.  I can’t spell Caipirinha, the word you see on your screen here comes from a website about cocktails, via copy and paste.  Caipirinhas (pasted again) are my drink of choice for sad times and there’s a history to that but I’m not going to go into that here.  They’re also my drink of choice for happy times, inbetween times and times when I just fancy one.  And then there was the food of wow in Bincho and then apple sorbet.  I’ve made sorbet a few times, enough to appreciate the effort that must go into making one out of apples!  I ate it with my eyes closed and drinking sips of someone else’s Sake, either the most expensive one on the menu or the next one down.  Given that I had chocolate birthday cake for breakfast (it has dairy, I shouldn’t go near it) as well, I think I’d better eat extra healthy tomorrow.

I should go to bed but I’m enjoying feeling calm and full.  Also it seems like a bit too much effort to move.


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  1. I love sake. Nowhere near an expert on sake (or sushi for that matter!) and don’t get to drink it anywhere near often enough… *sigh*

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