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Take it away, it’s scary!

June 12, 2011

I am aware that the internet already knows full well what I look like but specifically I’d like to post photos of my journey towards whatever healthier me I land at.  In place of actual content (unless I think of some – well, I am about to try making basil and tomato soup so I could write about that later), here’s a photo of me taken today.  Before anyone ventures opinions on the dress, I LIKE IT and it only cost a tenner.  It looks like it’s made from bits of about 5 different dresses 🙂  I can’t remember the name of the shop.  Yes I do look as white as a sheet of A4, thank you – that’s my default complexion. 😀

ETA: Soup now made.  Will be bringing to work tomorrow to wave at people and say Look I made this! for lunch


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  1. Like it, really makes the colour of your eyes ‘pop’.

  2. Huzzah! Not sure what you meant there (because unfamiliar with the word ‘pop’ in that context. Possibly like pop art, like that Andy Warhol thing with vivid colours put on a bit clumsily 🙂

    I’ve been avoiding washing it because I can’t do hair magic – wash it and leave it is the default mode. One of my clients recommended GHD hair straighteners for £100, at which point my eyes definitely popped. £100? I obviously have neither the commitment or talent to be properly girly.

    Nice to see you on here. Hello x

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