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Time Travel and Gardening

June 11, 2011

I promised myself I’d exercise today.  Gardening is exercise, right? I have relocated weeds (to a bin bag), dead-headed and swept up.  Gardening is supposed to burn between 300 and 400 calories per hour depending on how heavy the person doing the gardening is and how energetic the gardening is (presumably).  Can’t be bothered to work it out.  I do know I encountered more insects in the last hour or so than I have in months, some of which I felt compassionate enough to re-home on the plants that I wasn’t ripping out of the ground.

I think housework is exercise too, which is handy because I need to do some.

Time travel?  If my transatlantic crossing of time zones last month counts then I have to conclude that time travel puts weight on you.

Those of you who don’t get why I’m bothering to mention time travel and gardening in the same sentence, consider yourselves fortunate for you are truly free!  You never have to wait the long wait for someone to give your time machine an energy can out of kindness or worry whether you should sell all the purple flowers just because the latest quest requires you to place an artifact and you haven’t got enough silver… and you’re NEVER in the position of not being able to find the last thing and all your hints have run out.

Update!  Evening time now and more exercise has occurred in the form of Dance Central.  Tried some songs with harder moves – eow! Difficult!  There’s a ‘freestyle’ section to each song where you can dance however you wish and the camera takes photos of you then plays them back superquick before you start dancing again at which point I may have stood there panting and giving the camera the finger just a tiny bit.


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  1. It’s not the time travel that puts on weight – it’s the eating around while you’re travelling 😉

  2. Darn. I thought I’d got away with that one 😉

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