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Emporio Primani (hopefully a turning point)

June 10, 2011

This morning, at some point on my train journey to work, I realised I had a wardrobe malfunction.  The shirt I’d hastily put on over long pinstripe shorts (office chic meets Treasure Island) was gaping open between the buttons.  I’d known when I tried on this shirt at a clothes-swapping party that there would be a risk of bra visibility if I put on any more weight.  Had known and had forgotten.  Now I tried to look like there was some other reason I was clutching my laptop bag to my chest and got on with reading my book.

Avoiding stepping on the scales right now but I have to face up to one very obvious thing.  I’m still comfort-eating and I’m still putting on weight.  I’m obviously not an entirely happy bunny and there are areas of my life that need some work.  You’ll be relieved to hear that I’m not going to pore over any of that here.  I’m thinking a short-term fix may be a solution for now.  If a sales monkey from the diet industry had me on my own in a room right now, they could probably get me to sell my soul.  And that’s bad.

I had time, between Hammersmith and the office, to venture into Primark to buy a t-shirt in order to reinstate my modesty and dignity.  Or so I thought.

Primark, I discovered, doesn’t actually sell anything that I can wear.  It sells my size, sure.  But it sells orange, gauzy see-through things, tops with intricate straps that prove a confusion when you get them into the fitting room and try to work out how to put them on, t-shirts with a choice of Marilyn Monroe, Minnie Mouse or Snoopy on and shelves of folded-up things that I don’t have the time or inclination to unfold and look at.

And, despite the fact that even the mannequins in the shop window are wearing sunglasses and big hats so they’re not recognised while wearing that stuff, a large proportion of London’s womenfolk manage to shop there and emerge looking fantastic.

A plain t-shirt – that’s all I’m looking for!  No chance, mate.  Primark has seen you coming and has judged you unworthy.  Here, have an ugly top with tiny flowers all over it.  Noooo!

I am at my desk, wardrobe malfunction entirely sorted.

I’m wearing a powder-blue t-shirt with company logo.  “Can you Kick It?” Let’s hope so.


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  1. Ah, in Primani the plain t-shirts/vest tops are in the piles of folded-up stuff, unfortunately, which are a pain to find your size in, and embarrassing when you try to extricate a top and the whole pile collapses onto the floor like a house of lycra cards.

    Sadly I’m quite excited by the idea of a Marilyn Monroe t-shirt. Or a Minnie Mouse one, come to that. I need to go and get a sports bra on Saturday or Sunday anyway so there may be Shopping!

    If you want to chat about diet stuff in a relaxed way at some point just let me know; I’m happy to share whatever limited advice and support I can offer. It’s not fun when you don’t feel right in your own skin.

  2. Hope all is going well on the reason-for-comfort-eating front, Andrew and I are always here to listen!

  3. Vicky Ayech permalink

    Does this work if I am usually just on livejournal(as badriya)?
    Oh scrolling down there is facebook login, or I could be guest

    I just got to the gold zone at weightwatchers(only 9lbs off since November but…) which means I go free to meetings and am not more than 5lbs over goal, but need to lose to be a couple under so still working on it.

    I am wondering if there is anything I can help with. I comfort eat too but manage to do so to keep it in the allowed points, and am exercising lots. I have more time as retired and go to swim daily and gym first quite often, as well as walk dogs.

    I try and have things around to eat that are less lethal, sugarfree sweets, although too many make you poo lots. Zero points soup to have for lunch with bread and low fat spread and filling. That is soup made with vegetables. Carrot soup is nice. CUt them up, spray with one cal oil and put in oven until brown, boil with dissolved stock cubes until soft, use hand-held food processor to liquidise and then keep and dilute as required and heat or have cold. Can put herbs in too, forget the name of the one goes with carrots, any might and i put too much in once. Can do the same with a mix of onions, leeks and carrots.

  4. All I wanted the last time I went there recently was a long sleeved cotton top. You know, for summer.

    Nope. Lots of t-shirts, lots of sweatshirts (usually with an annoying pattern on the front, so there’s stitching on the inside to scratch you), and other stuff, but we didn’t spot one.

    Maybe they have the summer stuff in January.

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