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Working In Working Out

May 31, 2011

The 3-day weekend gave me ample opportunity for exercising and making healthy food.  My task for this week is working out how to fit exercise and healthy food into my working week.  My job (helping people stop smoking) isn’t that active; it’s very much a ‘sat in a comfy chair while you have a chat’ occupation.  I probably rack up some mileage back and forth to the fax machine over an entire year but I think I can confidently say I’m otherwise sedentary.  Hence I need to work in the exercise.

I can do pilates at work – we have a room upstairs that’s used for yoga as well as for meetings and has mats.  I can also do about half a pilates workout while I’m waiting for a bath to run, as I discovered this morning.

I could, rather than waiting an age to be served at the Japanese place, bring food in to work and then take it out of the office to eat it e.g. to the park, which I’d have to walk a fair bit to get to.  Genius.

Somebody should really invent a way to do exercise while you’re asleep, they’d make millions.

I’m writing this about 10:30am.  Let’s see what amount of exercise I can work into today while still being able to get on and do all the other stuff I’m meant to be doing today.


About 3:30 now and day is going well healthy-eating wise.

I’m going out socialising this evening to my friend Katy’s house.  She’s said I can exercise using her Wii Fit while I’m there.  Everyone else will be playing something called Robo Rally.  I’m bringing her rainbow sugar from America.  If you know Katy this will make immediate and absolute sense.

While I’m on the subject of Katy, she has a blog also.  A proper one rather than an off-the-shelf one like this one is.  It’s here.  She writes interesting things and I recommend you read them 🙂


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  1. See you later! 🙂

  2. Maureen Merrifield permalink

    It looks as though you will probably think yourself thinner, this does work , just get your body to co-operate with your brain, but not too much , as you are hardly unhealthily fat.
    A good way to exercise is to ballet dance along the road but you might consider this method as tu tu silly.xx

  3. Ha
    Love it
    Thanks mum xxx

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