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What not to eat

May 30, 2011

Today I’ve exercised again and eaten healthy stuff.  Today gets 10/10 so far.  OMG yesterday though.

I was with my Bristol family, who are all amazingly lovely (even the new additions I hadn’t yet met) on a boat going down the pretty bit of the Thames rather than the bit with the landmarks.  Some drunkenness ensued, quite a lot of drunkenness but not so impressive as the sheer amount of eating that went on.

I probably had breakfast before I went, I had an ice cream (sorbet variety) when I got there, olive cake and chocolate that I’d brought with me, my own body weight in buffet food and then a Thai meal afterwards.  Add to this the calorific value of enough gin and tonics and white wines to render your Trish ‘whirly’ (cheers Pete) and I probably had about 2 if not 3 days’ calories in one go.

I ran my plight past Naomi, who I’m related to but I’m not sure quite how and who is so achingly gorgeous it’s hard not to keep looking at her.  She echoed the McKenna thing of eating slowly so you can actually taste it and notice when you’re getting full.  Have I been doing that?  Not properly.  I’ve been telling myself I’m doing that without actually doing it.  Nul Points Trish.

Yesterday was fantastic but would have been just as fantastic minus the overindulgence.  I’m going to put yesterday down to experience and move on.  I weighed myself this morning and decided I’m not going to tell you what the scales said (bastards).  But I have eaten slowly today and am intent on carrying on the same.  I’ll think of Naomi and her wisdom when I eat from now on.

The exercise?  I did 40 minutes of Prance Central and went up an entire rank.  Not that that will mean anything to anyone 😀

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