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May 28, 2011

I exercised today.  Please flock forth to award me honours and badges.  I realised I really should since Emma, although she doesn’t blog too often, has actually been exercising quite a lot and this puts me to shame.  I got a lot of suggestions from friends and aquaintances in the form of them telling me what exercise they do, some of the most helpful of which were exercising at home to save money (thank you Alex) and doing something I really enjoy (thank you the other Simon).

I like dancing.  No, I don’t think for one minute that I can dance; it works in a very similar way to the way I like karaoke – no talent at all but much enthusiasm.  I put on exercise clothing (changing my rather nice naked physique what vain moi to something resembling the michelin man, gods do workout clothes make everyone look this bad?  Darn, they don’t) and got down to some Dance Central, which I have played before for fun.  For those who can’t be bothered clicking the link it’s an Xbox Kinect game where you mirror dancers’ moves thus exercising varying amounts depending which song you dance to and which level of difficulty.  Perfect exercise for me given I’m a bit of a gamer (ssh don’t tell anyone) as well.

Remember when you were a teenager and nobody could dance except for the one person on the dance floor who was a bit older and seemed really cool and then you grew up a bit and you realised that person was actually an immense twat so shallow they made even you look deep?  Well that person appears in many different avatar incarnations in the game.  You’re dancing, it’s brilliant, but you’re being guided by a bunch of attention-seeking missiles in cartoon form.  Earn enough points in the game and you can even get them new outfits, which isn’t going to do their egos any good.  What the hell though, it’s fun and it got me moving.  I’m going to try to make playing the game a regular occurrence and maaaybe spend less time on the time travel and gardening thing which has been sucking my time out through my eyes.

After that I rolled out the mat and did some pilates, which I used to do regularly and so should be a peesa piss but noooo, hard work cause I’m out of practice.

Please to be commenting with encouraging statements now.


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  1. I love dancing too – it is really a way to let yourself move freely. Never danced with the Xbox though 🙂
    What I like is that the dancing gave you the motivation to do your pilates exercises. Way to go!

  2. You’re right it did motivate me to do more!
    Thank you 🙂

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