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I’d rather have the Pixie version

May 23, 2011

Into one of the bags or cases I’ve put somewhere while I’ve been being nomadic I have slipped a copy of Paul McKenna’s “I can make you thin” (as referenced elsewhere in this blog).  It contains a fair amount of wank about hypnotising yourself somehow and a CD which I have never listened to but it also contains 4 basic eating principles which I am now going to attempt to recall.

1. Only eat when you are truly hungry
2. Eat slowly and savour each mouthful
3. When you are approaching satisfied – STOP
4. I can’t for the life of me remember number 4

Oh no hang on here they are, thank you Google.  Ok so I missed the one about eating what you want to eat, not what you think you should be eating.  I got the others a bit wrong too.  I shall put the correct set in bold so they stand out.

  1. When You Are Hungry, Eat
  2. Eat What You Want, Not What You Think You Should
  3. Eat Consciously And Enjoy Every Mouthful
  4. When You Think You Are Full, Stop Eating

I tried this a few years ago and it used to take me a year and a day to get through dinner.  I think it was working well up until I went to a Health Fayre (part of my job) and while browsing other people’s stalls for freebies (perk of my job) I got chatting to a dietician who was of the opinion that eating in the Paul McKenna way would land me with diabetes.  No no no she said, one has to eat about a million tiny portions all throughout the day, and other people have said stop eating while you’re still hungry (a GP who was a client of mine years back) and other people have said don’t eat carbs in the evening (my colleague P just now).  I guess conflicting information one of the ways the diet industry keeps going.

I want to go back to the McKenna principles because I think they will help me reconnect with hunger and move away from eating or not eating due to stress.  Let’s look at what actually causes diabetes then and see just how much sense versus how much crap Mrs Diet lady was talking.

The BBC website has a thing here

Risk Factors

  • Increasing age (can’t help that)
  • Obesity (don’t think I’ve hit that category just yet not that I’m aiming there)
  • Physical inactivity (guilty as charged)

Rarer causes

  • Certain medicines (some blood pressure pills, beta blockers, anti-inflammatory meds, antipsychotic meds – none of which apply)
  • Pregnancy (still no buns)
  • Pancreatitis

I also happen to know that smoking increases the risk and I don’t smoke

Diabetes isn’t caused by…eating too much sugar or having too much stress.  Nowhere is the Paul McKenna diet mentioned.

Right, we’re good to go.
Am I hungry?

Hell, yeah.


Also people if you’d like to read Emma’s blog she has set it up now here


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  1. Simon MacMullen permalink

    > how much crap Mrs Diet lady was talking.

    A lot. An awful lot.

    I think the Paul McKenna thing makes as much sense as anything, and more than most.

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