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Fresh and Homemade only with the freshest ingredients wrongness

May 4, 2011

A kilo has come off me just by me not stuffing my face all the time (I started exercising but only the day before yesterday so it doesn’t really count yet).  I presume, so long as I don’t start stuffing my face all the time again, it won’t go back on.  Now it’s time to address the quality of what I’m eating.  Yesterday featured junk-o-rama, mainly on account of me leaving it too late to get lunch and everywhere being closed.

Then I watched Supersize v Superskinny which, for the uninitiated, is a modern day freak show type programme where a very large person meets a very thin person and they swap diets for a week to see where they’re (both) going wrong.  It’s likely that the very large person and the very thin person will be larger and thinner respectively than anyone you have ever personally met.  I have some guilt for watching it because it does the ‘have your breakdown in front of the camera to make good telly’ thing happening. However, it does inspire me to eat better.

Hence this morning my breakfast was ‘Vegan Berry Mix’ which is a mixture of fruit, soya yogurt and oats and, despite what my lovely colleagues say, tastes like arse.  I also have beetroot juice, which is amazingly good for you and turns your wee pink.  Fantastic!

I’ll report back at lunchtime.


Had lunch at the Japanese place.  Made mistake of eating all of it.  Oops.

Evening meal was soup and croutons and salad that contained too much goat cheese.

I have a distinct memory of eating dark chocolate before bed!


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  1. Simon MacMullen permalink

    Pity. Vegan Berry Mix sounds lovely…

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