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I said the same thing to the scales as Cinderella said when she sat on Pinocchio’s face

April 28, 2011

My weight on 30th August 2010: 61.3 kg
My weight now: 75.2 kg

I’ve put on about 14 kg, about 9 of which my GP would have been unconcerned with.

One thing that was helping me to maintain a healthy weight for a while before I stopped being pear-shaped was the Paul McKenna book: “I can make you thin” which, like “Skinny Bitch”, has a provocative title but doesn’t preach anything insane inside.  I also have a copy of his “I can make you sleep” book.  I’m hoping he doesn’t bring out a fertility guide.  I’m going to read that on the way to work, preferably hidden in a copy of some book the reading of which makes it look like I don’t care about my weight (to be fair, I didn’t care that much till I got backache).

Right! Getting ready for work time.


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