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The prawn crackers were trying to seduce me through the window

April 27, 2011

Here’s what I ate today (technically yesterday)

Small fruit salad – My commute involves passing through a train station and walking past various vendors of one of the objects of my downfall – the bacon roll.  Today I sailed past the aroma of bacon and went to the fruit stall instead.  I ate a small fruit salad in a plastic box (2 quid) at my desk for breakfast and then waited till lunchtime before eating anything else.  Afford me not that many halo points though, people, because I don’t start work till 11 on a Wednesday.

Thingy Teriyaki thingy lunchbox – I had thought of having a Thai lunch but 1) It’s expensive and 2) the prawn crackers were trying to seduce me through the window.  I went to the Japanese place instead on account of I’ve never been in there before.  Since I didn’t know what anything was I asked the waitress to choose for me and got brought a lunchbox (ceramic TV dinner tray) with rice and chicken and salad and orange slices.  I ate most of it but left some of everything (apart from the salad) because I’m trying to show food who’s boss.

thingy teriyaki thingy

2 squares of dark chocolate – Expensive dark chocolate.  £3 a bar.  Handcrafted from bean to wrapper.  Melted onto the bellies of virgins and re-solidified under the supervision of geniuses.

A goat cheese and pickle sandwich on wholemeal bread, Tom Kha Hed soup, glass of wine – ‘Explain this odd combination’ I hear you ask.  Ok.  I was headed to a friend’s after work.  I rang ahead and got someone lovely to have me a sandwich waiting and then they said they had made the sandwich but they were also ordering Thai and did I want anything so I said I’d have Tom Kha Hed which is mushroom soup.  There were prawn crackers in a bag across the room; I ignored them.  I had, due to my massive alcohol lightweightitude, about half of the glass of white wine I also asked for.

What I notice from this daily food intake list is that it doesn’t resemble eating hardly anything at all but it also doesn’t contain the massive crisps-fest snackorama constant eating competition nonsense I’ve been doing recently.  I would like, at this point, to award myself 10 points.  Thank you.

So what next?  Keep going with the moderation but keeping eating and then, over the Bank Holiday….. exercise.  Oh dear, that word.


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  1. Simon MacMullen permalink

    You get a bonus 10 points from me too!

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