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According to Garfield (the cat, not the former US President)… “Diet is ‘Die’ with a T”

April 27, 2011

Just been at the doctors talking about my eating and weight issues.  Last Summer I had lost a lot of weight in quite a short time (major stress) and I was a stick; since November I’ve put on a lot of weight in a short time (comfort eating) and I am now getting backache.  Being a stick last summer put paid to any vanity or shallowness I  may have had about my weight – I don’t suit thin (I’m not sure I even suit slim), but I do want to be healthy.

My GP gave me a goal of losing 5 kilos over a period of 6 months.  My first thought was “OMG that’s aaages” and that surely weight loss is something one does by stopping eating where at all possible.  But Not Eating is as much of an addiction as Overeating.  This ‘making gradual changes to one’s diet and doing some exercise’ thing just isn’t sexy.  I need to step out of the whole addiction around food/not food arena and address real stuff (*hates the word ‘issues’ with a vengeance*) in my life that needs sorting – bring in interests and fun things and work towards a life that will make me happy.  And, in the meantime, make some dietary and exercise changes so I can get healthy.

I have a lovely friend who intends to create a sister blog to this one and who will be joining me with her own journey.  I hope some of our friends will follow our blogs and will be encouraging.  I intend to use this blog to log exercise, eating and weight alongside any thoughts I am having around the process.  Wish us luck!


  1. Emma permalink

    OMG here I go again… for the last 30 years.. (ok some stretching of the truth here) I have been stuck in the cycle of eat,eat,eat get fat, lose weight, put more weight on then start again…. so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon(yet again feel like I cannot do this alone and my need some moral support and a kick up the backside)to try for once to break the cycle.

    A couple of months ago my aim was to fabulous and 40 instead of fat and 40… did I make it hell no! soooooo step 1. go public in the hope that I will lose some of this blubber… what this space need time to decide what step 2 is 🙂

  2. You ARE fabulous already

    I’m about to post everything I ate today – please feel free to do same if you’d like to or not if you would prefer not to

    xx see you tomorrow xx

  3. Pete permalink

    You have some good habits in place and I daresay your schedule lately has simply scribbled outside the lines. I usually I eat healthier in your company than anywhere else!

    This is a great way to keep the subject in mind. I’m rootin’ fer ya!

    xxxxx Pete

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